My “About Me”

So I realized that I didn’t give too much background about myself in my last blog post aside from the fact that I have ADHD and enjoy bacon, so here is a little bit about me. For those of you who don’t know me (aside from the friends and family in which I have essentially thrust this blog URL upon) my name is Maddie and I am a student, just trying to figure out life. I grew up going to school in the San Francisco area with my mom and step-dad and spent the rest of my time with my dad in Hawaii. Now, I know what you’re going to say… “WHAT? OH NO WAY HAWAII???” and then I proceed to virtually tell you that yes, everything that you are thinking about is, in fact, true…. I do exchange my shorts for a grass skirt and spearfish native style in my spare time. Well reality is, both places are home and I see neither as a vacation. Just home sweet home. So for some fun facts about me:

  • I like to bring my running shoes anywhere (can always see more)
  • I like to scrape all the cheese off the pizza because it taste better
  • I like to have dinner for breakfast and not breakfast for dinner
  • Guilty, I am that person who talks to you on an airplane.
  • When I get in my car, I press my breaks and put the car in reverse and then put on my seat belt.
  • While waiting for in and out, I will ask you what you ordered even though there are only a variety of orders you could have gotten.
  • Oh and finally the worst. (Or best depending, on how you see it) is the fact that I will shamelessly eat an entire can of whip cream in one sitting.

So there you go, some in-depth but completely transparent aspects of my life. Couldn’t say why, but I can tell you… it just happens. Other less important things about me are that I absolutely LOVE music, any kind… and I love oldies too. ANY oldies. I love to travel and have studied in Italy, which was unreal. I love to paint and dance when I have spare time and when I mean spare time I mean sporadic and outrageous outburst of artistic need for expression after being suppressed by course work. But that is the basic life of a college student isn’t it? Just trying to get my degree! AND I have a soft spot in my heart for literature, art, history, and bar soaps. THAT’S ME.

With bacon,



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