Music Mondays

So I am going to highlight an artist/group/band every Monday, giving all my followers a bit of an idea of what has been dancing through my ears and into my mind. The artist of the week (or last week…. Lies, two weeks running for my obsession) is LOLAWOLF.  So for a little run down on Lolawolf, the main singer/vocalist is Zoë Kravitz, yes the offspring of famous Lenny Kravitz who has all left us star struck at some point in our lives.  Zoës voice in particular is what blows me away, because it is almost like butter.  Her voice somewhat melts and blends within the flow of the music, almost like the smooth blend of a good smoothie.  Or cream being mixed in your morning cup of Joe.  ZOË IS THE CREAM.  Also what is incredible about this group is that they have a really raw sound that cuts through anything you have listened to before.  You can sense the real passion of the group not just with in the vocals but, also the beat itself.  The group really drills in to the raw emotions of the listener, and its intensity is a 10, but in the best way.  This album literally caught me so off guard that it felt like someone slapped me in the face. Take some time and check out their album Calm Down, it’s incredible.

That’s a wrap for Music Mondays.

With bacon,



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