Weekend Trip Gone South. Immediately

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU SHUT THE DOORS?!?!” I essentially yell at the innocent man at the front desk at the Tucson airport. I am literally shaking and about to pull the really inappropriate “family card”. So before I embark on this dark path I remember I am 1.) In a public place and 2.) Not needing to give everybody the idea that I am the potential reincarnation of Jeffrey Dahmar, about to eat this poor mans head off. And 3.) Just coming from an ethics/logic lecture,  SO the answer is more than ETHICALLY obvious. Anyways, I finally proceed to taking a deep breath and…. continuing to loose it. Sick. I never lose my cool, but yeah GUILTY, I lost it this time.

“I’m sorry miss but you can’t show up 30 minutes before, we have a time sensitive policy”

Alright so I get this, but then, I am still continuing to lose it as let you know, the ENTIRE University of Arizona basketball team decides to “roll up” and experience my close to utter and incomprehensible cerebral shut down. Dear lord, Allah, Siddhartha, whom ever you are… WHY.   So after a few minutes of absolute freak out, the man took pity on me and sent me on a flight, which mind you had a 6 hour layover in Seattle. Whatever, I’ll take anything. Praise Jesus there is a god. So lesson learned for me….Read the fine print, but also, the regular 12 point font will properly suffice as a VERY necessary guide to a seat on the flight. And without a 6 hour layover.

With Bacon,



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