Music Mondays

So today I am throwing it back to A Tribe Called Quest, my absolute FAVORITE rap group that will forever stay in my top 3. For a little background, A Tribe Called Quest is a rap group whom made popular music in the early 90’s-early 2000’s. The group is originally from Brooklyn with members Q-tip and Phife Dawg on the main vocals/raps and member Ali Shahed Muhammad the groups DJ. The group has made a series of spectacular albums, but my favorite in particular is their album “Midnight Marauders” produced in 1993, which I am listening to on this fine Monday. Listening to tribe is like experiencing a virtual art piece. The background is painted by Muhammad, who’s re-mastered/sampled beats fill in the white of the canvas. The perfectly serene and aesthetically laid out background sets the stage for the smooth and liquid tone of rapper Q-Tip, who rounds out the harsh edges. Finally, Phife Dawgs witty and clever raps finish with a splash of vivid color. The contrast works perfectly, similar to the combination of salty and sweet. Pretzels and chocolate. BACON and syrup, (yeah that’s right, I title dropped. Power move). Anyways, everything compared to food just sounds better. Tribe is known for their powerful messages regarding peace, equality and just expressing yourself. So let cho freak flag fly to these mellow and soothing beats. Enjoy.

With Bacon,



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