Music Monday

HAPPY MONDAY. And what a crazy Monday it was, at least for me. SOOO during this hectic day, I had artist St. Vincent motivating me through my day. So for a little background information on Ms. Annie Clark aka St. Vincent, she was originally born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has been making music since the early 2000’s. This self-entitled album called “St. Vincent” that I am listening to today consist of cosmically vibrant beats mixed with a heavy guitar base which makes this album incredibly innovative and further show cases Ms. Clarks guitar style as absurdly unique. I would like to make a special recognition to the song “Digital Witness” because it made me feel like I 1.) Had a college sized marching band behind me shouting at me “yeah girl, you got this” as I walked towards my mid-term exam that was worth approximately 20% of my grade. WOW LET ME TELL YOU HOW I REALLY FEEL. Anyway, number 2.) It makes me feel like I have eaten a cosmic paisley…which essentially means I feel her music communicates an awesome mix of retro rock mixed with a punch of a modern and futuristic sound. I actually found myself having a difficult time withholding anonymous points into the sea of my fellow college peers while listening to this song. So in conclusion, this album will bring you more energy on a Monday morning than the new health trend of putting COCONUT BUTTER into your morning coffee. I have attached a couple of songs a long with a great interview that I found earlier this weekend on pitchfork. I have to say, Pitchfork’s “Overrated and Underrated” interviews are probably some of my favorite interactive shorts with artists, but that’s for another time. ENJOY the beats of St. Vincent.

With Bacon,



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