Spring Break. First Stop: Boulder, Colorodo

I woke up the next morning with a voice that echoed inside my head. It repeatedly bounced off the pounding walls of my mind.

“Get whatever, ON ME

“30 Dollars, Miss”

Sounds like what a peanut butter and pickle juice sandwich would taste like. Yeah that’s right, I feel THAT passionately about how terrible that combo is. 30 DOLLARS?! Then I racked my mind and remembered we were at a 7 Eleven…..30 mother f@#$%^& dollars at 7 Eleven?! So I just about lost it as the voice started to travel towards the center of my inner frugality when it was abruptly interrupted by what sounded like a WWE Wrestling crowed. It was the rumbling of my poor stomach… Mmm I wonder… OH YEAH, IT’S PROBABLY THE 20 DIFFERENT CANDY BARS I PURCHASED. Alright, so that is a little exaggerated….it was more like 7…but I mean still…who needs that many?! So I spent 30 dollars on approximately 7 different types of candy, 5 of them candy bars, and to top it off one, family sized bag of white cheddar smart popcorn WHICH IS LITERALLY LIFE CHANGING. I figure I haven’t seen my little sister in months and I got a little excited wanting to treat her…which I should have done over dinner. What can I say, she is my kryptonite. So with that being said…my budget has been tight for this leg of my trip, but fortunately my sister and I did this catering job the next day and got free food. Seriously, what more could a starving college student ask for? So although I lost a meal… I gained it back and got paid. I guess everything circulates. It’s been a pretty adventurous spring break thus far and a side from the hurricane that hit the 7 eleven on the corner of 13th and College, I’ve been able to see the beautiful mountains and outdoors as well as spend time with some incredible people. Boulder, it has been real. Stay tuned for the next destination; I’m on to the next today!

With Bacon,


On top of the Flatirons
On top of the Flatirons

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