Music Monday

So let’s be real here, I know I skipped a Music Monday and for that… I apologize, BUT I have some awesome stories to share because of it that I’ll be posting soon. The artist/album of this LOVELY first Monday after spring break (Is it obvious I’m bitter?) is Kendrick Lamar’s new album “How to Pimp a Butterfly.” I’d just like to start with pointing out the astounding selection of jazz samples as well as Michael Jackson sample (PRAISE the king of pop) that Lamar has chosen for this album. It sounds like smooth honey. The jazz samples act as the backdrop to the stage, further allowing the lyrics to act out the rest of the play. Regarding his lyrics, Lamar yet again, exhibits his eloquent voice and poetic words to communicate issues in his life as well as the current issues in the African-American community. The entire album is GOLD and Kendrick was DEFINITELY wearing a gold-plated diaper when he wrote this album. When I heard this album for the first time, I was moved in many ways, emotionally and intellectually. The album not only made me feel but also made me think. It’s a dynamic musical project.  Here are some of my favorite songs on the album thus far. CHECK IT OUT YO.

With Bacon,



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