Music Monday

MUUUNNNNDDAAAIIIII (said like Spongebobs Sundayyyyyy). So today I hope you put cho funky pants on because it was a dam BEAUTIFUL day. So the beautiful part is a little over optimistic for a Monday, but the funky pants part, you just cant funk with.   Today I will be talking about an artist BUT FIRST, I will be discussing the new release of the high quality music streaming service called Tidal. Sponsored by Aspiro, which is a media technology company, Tidal seems to be a purified Pandora and a more personal version of Spotify, excluding the music sharing and network. At least it is this way at the first release. This music service is claiming to offer HIGH quality as well as HIGH definition music videos. AWESOME. I am curious to see the difference in which it offers versus other music services like Spotify, Google music, and Pandora. I am currently trying my free trail right now. Hold while processing.


Cool. More thoughts after I use up the free 30 day trial. So I decided to listen to my Music Monday guest on one of the 75,000 artist that Tidal posses in its memory base. I chose %^#&@ %^*&%. Just kidding, Ill be discussing Courtney Barnett, who just came out with a new album “Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I just sit. So this album is pretty kick ass. I haven’t listened to any of Barnetts previous music, but I can say that this album is awesome. I am currently listening to “An Illustration of Loneliness” and it has this awesome spacey, pop guitar with a punk undertone. I feel like the majority of these songs could be found on the “10 Things I Hate About You album” though Barnetts voice is more modern than the early 21st century film,. With that being said, I will salute that beautiful piece of cinematography any day of the week. Anyway, Barnett sings and presents her lyrics in such a matter of fact tone, that at times, her 1 liners made me laugh out loud. Her rowdy lyrics “put me on a pedestal ill only disappoint you” are pretty awesome; because lets face it… expectations can be quit annoying at times, especially if they aren’t from yourself. Check out Courtney Barnetts album, its fun to listen to and bop down the street or power strut through campus, which, you should, on this funky monkey Monday.   Peace and blessins my friends.

With Bacon,



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