So Lately I have been strongly contemplating and questioning my opinions regarding groups. I’ve come to the conclusion that….I’m not a huge fan. I love my friends and my homies I would pour out a Mickey for…but regarding the mob, the click, the squad and the group….I can’t say I am a fan and here are a list of reasons I have compiled as to why:


Take away the power and beauty of the critically and independently thinking mind.

I said I had a list, and quite frankly I did….but this sums up everything. What I’ve notice is that groups hinder independent thought. When we are too strongly invested in a group, we are afraid to think independently for fear of potentially being alone and ostracized. But is it so bad to be alone and have the ability to think independently? No, it is not and it shouldn’t be this way. We are afraid of what is truly a gift. Our minds. It seems as though we crave to be a part of groups….to be loved, accepted and understood, yet truly the group takes away what it should really love from the beginning…. Ourselves. Regardless, I have come to the conclusion that it is crucial that we constantly be thinking critically about anything and everything. It is OBVIOUSLY important to have cho homies…but once again, keep it balanced. Fruit for many thoughts. And gummy snacks for when the thoughts flow. GOODNIGHT


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