Music Monday

TAME IMPALA. So today on Music Monday I’ll be highlighting Tame Impala and their new single “Cause I’m a Man.” These guys are pretty rad, and after listening to their last album Lonerism, I am pretty pumped for their next full album.  BUTTTTT in the mean time “Cause I’m A Man” is BOMB. Tame Impalas got this melty sounding voice which dances on top of their spacey and psychedelic texture.  I have to say, I don’t necessarily agree with the lyrics on a more surface level. It SEEMS as though he’s blaming issues on being a man, which I mean… Just because I’m a female and get extra womanly at some points in the month, doesn’t mean I am going to act extra feisty even though society likes to project that ideal. FALSE.  You pop an Advil, throw some water on your face, and get your head back in the game!  Eventually…. But emotions run deeper and in a more in-depth analysis, the concept of just fudging up in general like all us normal humans do, it’s really an identifiable song, which I feel was probably what they were going for to begin with.  ANYWAY, When I listen to their new single, I imagine myself driving a beat up mustang with the top down, (sky blue in particular), and my hand doing the wave outside the car as I drive into the sunset.


Is the word and vision I am trying to get at with this song. Its chill as fudge, and maybe the reason why I have this vision of the beat up mustang or just muscle car in general is because my favorite movie is DAZED AND CONFUSED and I feel like this song could totally be found on the movie sound track. I’m a fan of the sound this Australian bands got going for them, because I am a HUGE classic rock fan and they’ve got a lot of those influences in their music. Anyway, check out the song, and even their previous work, because their throw back, Psychedelic, garage rocky sound is perfect for kickin it and also jamin in the car. CHECK IT OUT. AND the awesome interview I posted.

With Bacon,



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