Music Monday

So many beautiful things have gone down in the wonderful world of music over the past several weeks being:

  • Mr. Frankie Ocean releasing album date (kind of….JULY)
  • Coachella ( my opinion……Maybe Ill discuss it if I have a stress-ball)
  • Tyler the Creator LITERALLY streaming his new album on Spotify as of early this morning.
  • ASAP Rocky just released a new single.
  • AND artist Waxahatchee dropping their new album entitled Ivy Tripp.

SOOOOO That is who I will be discussing on this beautiful Monday. I listened to Waxahatchee or, more casually understood as songwriter Katie Crutchfield’s band, this morning, particularly when I was soaking up the Monday bluezzz….so yes…it was an emotional pass time. After I got over this fact, I listened to this lovely album which struck me as quite the poetic piece. The first song on the album “Breathless” I felt transformed me into my childhood neighborhood, where I found myself standing in the middle of the road, hammy down hockey stick in hand, jaw dropped in disbelief because stupid Kyle next door got the ball ran over.

Blank stare down the middle of the road at Kyle.

So this never actually happened and I totally ran with this image, BUT the song definitely has a somewhat hypnotic rhythm.  The album takes the listener on a journey through a relationship, the ups the downs, the lefts the rights, and the all arounds. These ups and downs also translate and dictate the rhythm of each song. I was actually strongly affected by the song “The Dirt” which almost acted like a transformation in thought and view-point for this relationship which Kate sings about. It was a pick up and an instance where strength was derived. Regardless, the album has strong lyrics such as “Play me like a drum” but mixed with the light-hearted and playful guitar chords, the entirety of the album is balanced. CHECKKKK IT OUT YO. Peace and blessins on this mundaiiii.

With Bacon,



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