Music Monday

Good evening my fellow Mundaiii follower’s. I hope everybody is having a painless Monday even though that’s a lot to ask. … BUT regarding music…. I have an awesome artist to report on.   Her name is Abra. Abra is a singer, songwriter, producer coming from the hot team “Awful Music” in Atlanta. I must say, Atlanta seems to be producing some hot artists lately especially with the rise of the trap group “Migos.” Anyway, I stumbled upon her as I was looking at Nardwaur interviews, ( WHO I ABSOLUTELY LOVE) which she wasn’t in….but was in a “Up Next” section.  REGARDLESS I watched an interview and was hooked.  Her album entitled “BLQ Velvet” dropped in February and it sounds like buttahhhh.

Abra’s got this kind of warm yet somewhat ghostly voice (Yes, a paradox I know, but you’ll see once you give it a listen) that really cuts through the emotional onion layers we’ve all got grownin in the cellar of our hearts. Yikes. So aside from that sounding really sad….her lyrics are real and they tell a story of her experience being open and then betrayed. Especially in the song Unwise, her soulful voice balances out her heavy lyrics which further flow on top of a thick flowing stream of rhythm. The concentrated base further drills into your chest and pumps your heart.  Again, aside from the being overly intense, the combo struck me like a lightning bolt.  Her song “I Guess” is slightly more buoyant with the playful and synthy rhythm. I enjoy what Abra’s got going on right now, and I’m stocked to watch her grow. She reminds me somewhat of a female version of the Weeknd, another emotionally heavy artist. (FAN). Anyway, CHECK HER OUT.

With Bacon,



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