Hues of Life

I have been thinking a lot about individuality lately and how every interest or need a person has expresses a larger aspect of who they are, beyond what we truly understand on the surface.   Of course not every person lives his or her life through symbols, but it seems as if there is always a reason for something. An action, an expression… can truly express a thousand words.  I’ve exhibited that we are often times so quick to talk about a friend or judge another individual for something they did, whether its punch somebody in the face or even dye their hair a different color…. I have found myself asking, why? Why did that happen? What caused the event? How does this action possibly express who they are as individuals or what they are acting out against? If we are able to think beyond the surface and take the time to truly understand what was behind that force that originally pushed, than we could allow ourself to fully see.  We could start to eliminate judgment, and understand that we as people are really only human. We aren’t perfect, and I think we all need to start understanding that life is not black, nor is it white. Life is a paint store, filled with infinite pallet swaps of unrepeatable color. We all have our shade and we should start seeing the beauty that is everyone else’s unique hue.

With Bacon,



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