Alright, so I have clearly been slacking big time on updating my blog… and I am sorry. With finals in FULL swing I have been:

  1. Deliriously walking around campus, as if I haven’t found water in days.
  2. Missing social cues due to my submergence in statistical research methods
    1. “hey pass me the salt”
    2. “Oh you trynna get at my bell curve” ….What?
  3. And absent from my blog. Sad face.

So after hearing all of those lovely traits, I know what you are thinking.

“Hey Maddie, lets hangout”

So aside from the fact that I feel as though I am off my rocker from this crazy week that makes the entire student body absolutely strung out, I will be done Tuesday and off to visit the fam. But…. I AM STILL ALIVE and I will be posting a Music Monday tomorrow. Until tomorrow. Peace and Blessin.

With Bacon,



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