Music Monday


Some KILLER albums/singles/shtufffff came out this week in zeee lovely world of music, which I am P.U.M.P.E.D. to share with my fellow bacon community.

  • A$AP Rockys Release of a new song (LOVE IT) called “Everyday” and the name of his new album ” At Long Last A$AP
  • Tame Impala came out with yet ANOTHER single entitled Eventually
  • LINE UP for FYF Fest came out, with INCREDIBLE headliners like FRANK OCEAN, Chet Faker, Flume, FKA Wigs, and MAS more. Definitely contemplated going into debt for a ticket
  • Cashmere Cat released single “Adore” featuring artist Ariana Grande MssngNo Remix
  • AND Miguel releasing single track “Coffee (Fucking) Ft Wale”  Dam… ok Miguel.

Soooooo I wasn’t going to talk about A$AP Rocky BUT I changed my mind.  I have to be completely honest, my first impression of Mr. Rocky was that he was a fairly pompous and shallow individual, but who doesn’t have their moments? What I am trying to say is that our relationship has had its ups and downs, but after this recent song “Everyday,” I feel we have turned a new leaf.  And I hope I used that saying properly.  Regardless, I am impressed with this song. I was thrilled to hear the combination of genres that this song took on, establishing a unique dynamic.  Combining Rod Stewart, a not so famous rap artist but more so famous rock-pop artist with A$AP Rocky, Miguel, and Mark Ronson societies well-known Rap, R&B and Pop artists.  This song communicates where music is heading on a grander scale, towards a boundless world where artist-cross genre borders and collaborate with artists of different musical backgrounds.


I also found this on one song off of Tyler the Creators new album Cherry Bomb.  Tyler did a song with one of his favorite jazz artists, Roy Ayers, which I thought was fascinating because, both artists create music in two different genres.

Everyday has a soulful edge brought by Miguel, blunt yet poetic lyrics from A$AP, leveled by the raspy chorus of Rod Steward and then (ONE MORE) Mark Ronson, blending the rhythm.  The song is a beautiful blend of old and new and it further shows the inter-connectivity of artist.  LOVE IT.  CHECK OUT THE SONG.

With Bacon,



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