Dear-eth Blog

So, the time has come, where I must release you into this bad world.  I have nurtured you, watered you, and put my lightening speed thoughts into your creation. That’s right, I am talking about you Blog.  Look at you, I am so proud. Blog, you have taught and encouraged me to do many things:

  • Shape my perspectives.
  • Reminded me how I desperately needed to research Oxford commas.
  • Explore other wondrous platforms of social media.

I am finally posting your link to Facebook, in which MILLIONS of people (hahaha) will be reading you.  Any who, creating this forum that I have been able to share my passion of current trends in music and viewpoints of the world, has been a great experience.  I. IZ. HAPPY.  From now on, I will not shy away from Publicly Displaying my grandiose Affection for you.   I must hide you no more!

With Bacon,



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