Music Monday. Forgive me for I have Shamir-ed

MAHHHH PEOPLE.  I hope everybody is having a splendid Monday. Today is the first Monday I am officially celebrating summer.  Huzahhh! Huzahhhh! Huzahhhhh! As the spartans say.  There have been many magical occurrence in the music world, but none compare to my recent obsession.  I put it lightly, ladies and gentleman, I usually don’t have bagels for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but forgive me, for I could not help myself for over indulging in SHAMIR this dang beautiful Music Monday.  Releasing his new album entitled Rachets tomorrow, Shamir Bailey is a fierce 20 year-old artist from Las Vegas, Nevada. I could not resist and simply NEEDED to talk about a couple of his songs, similar to Spongebob needing water in Sandy’s treedom.


The songs entitled Call it Off and On the Regular are available on Rachets.  This music just makes me wanna strut down the sidewalk with artificial fans blowing my hair. Pause, eye contact with pedestrian, sassy hand wave flipping hair off shoulders, and then pivot. Weird? Maybe… but regardless, it makes you wanna churn the sass like buttttah.  What? Anyway, Call it Off has a spacey and kaleidoscope like sound.  The beat has under tones that at times, remind me of Dancing in the Street by Martha and The Vandellas. In On the Regular, I enjoyed the sassy and blunt lyrics, i.e.

“Don’t try me, I am not a free sample”

Oh ok Shamir, I see you. In both songs, the killer range of his voice, combined with the electricity of the beat, amplifies a room and generates energy. The music jolts yah into summer time!  CHECK IT OUT, it’ll make you wanna dance and move your pants.

With Bacon,



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