What I’m hearing right NAO

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY, and what a smangin one it was!  That was of two days ago….  Apologies for the delay, but the music has now arrived!  So the celebratory thing to do would be to post about an American artist like Bruce Springsteen or an American track like American Woman (lol) but a foreign artist caught be attention today… drum roll please…


And I don’t mean I want a big mac with a side of fries now. I mean NAO: a British artist who released an album entitled February 15th.   NAO’s album has this funky 80’s popish sound, blended with feathery vocal chords. Her voice dances on top of tracks Zilionaire and Inhale Exhale like the foam that dances on top of my root bear float. VANILLA BEAN only– I don’t have time for any French Vanilla. Thank you.  So maybe I am craving a root bear float and maybe I am craving a root bear float, but NAO’s voice is sweet. The other tracks on her album like It’s You and Apple Cherry have this misty and heavier dream-like feel.  NAO’s once feathery sounding vocals, transfer to a more sultry sound. Take some time and CHECK IT OUT. Peace and blessins

With Bacon,



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