Territorial Dogs and Expensive Hats

You never think in the morning, as you’re eating your captain crunch (depending on your age… Fiber one) that around 1 p.m. your dog is going to mark his primal territory on your favorite shoes.  WELL, if it isn’t obvious… this definitely happened today.  My step dad and I decided it would be fun to go to the local arts and wine festival.  GREAT IDEA but, maybe not for my shoes. So once we got there and paid for our entry, we were causally hanging and enjoying to the music… UNTIL all the sudden I feel something on my foot. I look down to see my territorial dog claiming steak on my dang foot.  GREAT RILEY, ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?”  Riley was peeing on me as if it were the 1990’s Oakland fire.  Tragic…. but I guess in his eyes, when you gottah go, you gottah go.  Regardless…. I washed my foot off and we carried on. We then decided to walk down and check out the different booths.  My step dad dropped a one liner at someone and then we ended up in a random hat store. Weird, but it just kind of happened.  Anyway, long story short, Riley (again, dog w/ uncontrollable bladder/marking issues) peed on a hat.  So…. when they say you break it, you buy it… they mean it.  ESPECAILLY when you pee on it, which was not expressed on the fine print.  Wow, I wonder why?!  Regardless, the wine was great, music was fun, and even though the food gave me a better understanding as to how my grandmother feels whenever she shouts “BM!” in the PM, the festival was fun. Maybe that was a little too much information, but hey, the weekend is still goin! I hope everyone is having a great weekend thus far and don’t have to worry about their favorite pair of shoes.

With Bacon,



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