Just Trynna Get at Some Summer

Dear lord, it has been a long butt time since I have posted. It has essentially been about 2 months since I wrote on this bad boy, though that is not to say bacon had left my life during that time. In fact, the reason for my absence is due to my migration east, in which I have followed my seasonal instincts and eloped into a KICK BOOTY summer internship. In nesting into my position, I have discovered wonders of a town people normally compare to the armpit of a 7th grade pubescent boy after gym class. HAWT. But in all seriousness, I have found that this “armpit” of a town actually contains hair of gold and only sweats sweet nectar.  Weird, I know…but its true. The experiences I have had have taught me more than I could have ever asked for out of this absurd and wildly unexpected summer.  I don’t want to sound dramatic but…

(In crazed One Direction screaming fan voice) I LOVE YOU SUMMER 2015!!!

I feel as though this summer has acted as an over sized encyclopedia of life, that I’ve been able to dance on top of its rich pages. Every new chapter offering a different experience and lesson of the utter passions in life. The chapters have shown me beauty, vulnerability, love, feeling, pain, work, success, sweat, achievement, independence, focus, distraction, and euphoria.

Quit frankly, it’s almost been a bit overwhelming…But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

It all started this summer when I set foot on the sandy ground of &*($%)  #*$(%).  Yes, I know… %^&*() %^&*()_.  Regardless, I entered in to the city, heart wide open and mind in an utter daze.  I got into my ride, and plunged forward.

First day of my internship, I looked like a complete turd, but that’s kind of ingrained in the definition of “Intern” so that was expected. So as the first two weeks went by, I shed my turdness, and started to somewhat get the hang of it. But what was incredible was that I was learning….Lwas actually learning SO MUCH. And I wasn’t just learning, but I was really DOING. I felt as though I was needed and had a purpose, which then circulated back to me working as hard as I possibly could. So I fell in love with my work.

Everyday, after coming back from my internship, I would just stare at the blank walls that were my house. If only These Walls could talk, they would be a lot more interesting to be around.  So I got my booty up and decided to explore the city and the GoodWill on 4th ave.  Pockets mediocrely full, but I mean…what are your standards for a college student? Well, for GoodWill, I was looking pretty hawt.  Anyway, I started collecting different pieces, decorating and design, building and then SLAPPING that ish on my walls.


But actually, it felt beyond beautiful to finally start unlocking and uncaging something…something that hadn’t been able to properly express itself before… It was slowly coming out.  Slowing growing.

As I was exploring the shelves of GoodWill, I caught a glimpse of the most beautiful twins I had every seen in my life.  They were square, kind of dirty, and had this used look to them.

They were the sexiest 6 dollar speakers I may or may not have ever seen.  And they were MINE. Purchased.  I lugged all of my ridiculous stuff; literally stuff, because Goodwill is a collective of depressed former pack rat belongings and items of wealthy individuals who feel as though they are changing the world. Well, whatever percentage of society the two categories fall under, they helped change my summer, so I’m ok with it!  Regardless, I shoved my random collection of stuff into my tiny Jeep (Shout out to Chip my Jeep, my number one AND ONLY bad boy) and took off shouting at the top of my lungs “Can’t you Hear Me Knocking” by the Rolling Stones.

I had a receiver, and a turntable….alllllllll ready to be UNITED together.  And let me tell you…..when I finally made my connecting flight…. I sure as hell took off.  I was surrounded by an orchestra of electric and vibrantly circulating sound that sent every sensation in my body into over drive and straight to happy hour.

AND HE STRIKED DOWN UPON THEE… Fire.  All right, not actual fire, but yeah the music effing rocked my houses dam super sized socks off.  And I didn’t even care if the system sounded like the pieces were bought directly from the armpit of a hobo.  It sounded like sweet nectar to me.

Sound system built and hooked up by myself? Check. Feeling accomplished? Double check. Re-created my room and house? Check.

So as I am building my sound system and decorating my house, I started to take more notice of the people who I was surrounded by at work. I realized that I was being fully exposed to individuals who were coding, using photo shop and creating web designs and I thought to myself, I want this.  These people shared similar characteristics as me and where expressing themselves creatively in ways I only dreamed of.  I then flashed back to a conversation I had on the plane with a passenger… I disregarded it at first, until now. I saw all the incredible things my coworkers were creating and giving life to and WANTED THAT. I wanted my mind and my thoughts to come alive. I wanted to know Photoshop, I wanted to code, I wanted to UNDERSATAND because I had NO effing idea how or where to start. So what better way then to start from the ground up?

Project Computer Construct was then put into full swing.

And that….will be my next post and that is another chapter.  I am already getting too dam distracted for my own good.  With bacon, with bacon, with bacon, its all bacon to me.  SO until my next post about my electronic creation…. Arivoir…. and thank god for this sale at Whole foods for mangos.  99 cents never tasted so dang sweet in the summah time!

With Bacon,



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