Music Monday

All right, I’d like to start this post with a round of a pause. No…Slow clap. Actually drum roll… BECAUSE FINALLY The Dead Weather has released some tracks from their upcoming album “Dodge and Burn.” Since the days of old (currently reading the hobbit) the Dead Weather hasn’t released an album since 2010, with their Sea of Cowards. I hope their last album didn’t turn them cowardice (Ugh THE PUNS) but their most recent tracks particularly, I Feel Love (Every Million Miles) are pretty fire. It could be that my undying love for Jack White and anything he does with The Third Man Record Label is blinding my judgment, but I am ignoring that idea because Jack White is in fact a musical genius (more bias?). Anyway, the beautiful collaboration that is the Dead Weather consist of Jack White, The Kills guitarist, Alison Mosshart, Dean Fertita from Queens of the Stone Age, and Jack Lawrence from The Raconteurs. So their recent single I Feel Love (Every Million Miles) has me salivating and willingly distracted from my homework. BECAUSE ITS GOT….

This raw, butcher shop, fresh off the cow, sound. In other words, its uncooked and unfiltered(though the thought of unfiltered meat sounds unsettling…) Anyway, the sound makes your hair stand up on your skin. Its gritty, bold, and sounds a lot like rock n’ roll. Mossharts vocals drag and wale across the dipping sounds of the guitar. Both sounds contrast one another, individually standing out as they slash and screech across the base heavy backdrop. After listening to this song I felt as though I could blow up a million, no… billion buildings and still walk away, Raybans unscratched. I am looking forward to their entire album and what the progression in full will sound like. I definitely recommend checking it out, tell yo kids and tell you wife, because this music is hawt. Hot. Hut, like a flaming piece of cheese pizza from your local Pizza Hut. And don’t forget to get it…..

With Bacon,



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