Real or Not Real?

So Justin Biebers new music videos got my mind racing into constant over drive…if that makes much sense. Lets just say 150 mph plus. I was interested in watching it after one of my friends expressed some distaste for the pop video. I thought, why not, life is too short not to check into the virtually addicting resort that is the internet (in which I painfully love but dear lord I hate it at the same time. Love hate my friends, love hate).

I watched it through once, completely sucked in until after the video was over…..I felt like I got hit by a bus.  A wave of mixed emotions crossed over me, hurtling me back and forth between the strict, yet gray state lines of societal norms. So aside from that over dramatic expression, the music video did leave me with many questions and some questionable curiosities.

So what got me was that their relationship was SO REAL in the video and the intimacy was SO GRIPPING. But it was so not real at the same time… I was left with a…..huh? feeling. And then of course the tidal wave in which I mentioned above.

All in all, I thought this music video actually took the level of intimacy on camera to an entire different level. It made me question, what is the difference between a conservative society and being sexually open? Does being sexually open on entertainment translate into a more sexually liberal society? or does it mean we are selling more sex? And does it even mean that we feel comfortable about it? The last question that got to me the most was, what does this mean for our expectations of a relationship and the role social media plays in it? Actually, scratch that…the biggest question for me was, what will allow us to separate real from fiction if we keep posting like this?

A side from many mental rants and pondering excavations, I found that it seems as though humans have several layers, with different attitudes/behaviors for certain things. Well, our virtual presence seems to be becoming another layer of our human identities. But that line in which we are walking that defines what is real and not at all is thinning. it seems that soon enough we will be swimming in a world where left means right, gills mean you can breathe above water, and we eat through our ears. Anyway… thoughts. thoughts. thoughts. tater tots. and lunch time, in which is right around the corner. All this thinking has got me hungry. But oh don’t forget to get your lunch….

With Bacon,




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