Happy lovely hump day my friends. The weather forecast for today is RAIN. I knew this first thing in the morning because I could feel that the distribution of my hair weight had shifted outwards during sleep. With that being said, I really wouldn’t be surprised if a lioness mistook me for a mate. But hey, no offense taken. Aside from my outrageous mane, last Sunday I checked out this AWESOME band called Chon at a local venue. The band is an all-instrumental group that focuses on an explosive orchestra of sounds and genres.

The tracks off Grow (their most recent album) had my mind racing through patterns, UNSEEN jungles, VAST landscapes, GIANT hamburgers. Yes, GIANT hamburgers. You name it, this music will paint a colorful mural of imagination in your mind. The instruments intricately layered a mix of technical artistry into creating a better than boxed, Fun Fetti cake. UNDERRATED and inedible for me because I’m allergic to Fun Fetti.

Regardless, all instruments intertwine and dance amongst one another, yet starkly stand out. They also derive their sound from a mix of different genres such as classical to punk rock to some jazz. These guys are infusing and creating sound that compares to the first person that tried bacon in a chocolate shake. Is it doable? Yes. Will it work? *slurp* Oh yes, it not only works… BUT LETS PUT THAT ON THE MENU STAT. Which I’m pretty sure is what the venue manager said when he heard these guys. Their concert was awesome and so was the performance. Check them out!

With Bacon,



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