The Thin White Duke

HAPPY MONDAY. And what a lovely Monday it is. In current time, the New Year has begun and it is officially in full swing. This will be a great year, but it unfortunately started off with the tragic passing of our dearly beloved, David Bowie. This was truly a hard blow for the music community and left thousands speechless. His ingenious mind, boundless with creativity had touched millions. In lieu of recent events, this Music Monday goes out to David Bowie, and one of my favorite albums, Diamond Dogs.

Diamond dogs was one of my first records and I’ll never forget the creative departments it unlocked in my mind. I picked up this record at a used record store in town, and immediately became consumed by the album art. Bowie is pictured in a post apocalypltic world with pudgy demon looking creatures with red hair. Oh and I forget to mention he’s half man half dog. Its’ hot, it’s creepy, and it’s apocalyptic. Everything goes.

Bowie was renowned for breaking societal norms and surpassing what was generally publicly acceptable. Well, Diamond Dogs encompasses these characteristics on multiple different levels. I’m talking Asgard and all the nine realms. Yeah, big deal I know.

The album first opens up with this creepy, ghoulish rendition of a post apocalyptic world. Incredibly eerie. THEN DIAMOND DOGS. Bowie has created these desperate, helpless, wild, ruleless youthful characters that live in this world alongside creatures with mannequins of kill appeal. The Diamond Dogs. The song Diamond Dogs sets the stage for the entire album. I imagine the reckless youth smeared with sweat and grit, running rampant in the ruins of the fallen city. Utilizing their physical youth yet crushing their youthful minds in desperation to survive the hellish apocalyptic world. Some other highlights/favorites on the album are Sweet Thing. “ Hope is a cheap thing.” Bowie essentially expresses how in this world, hope is the life line.

And then finally, Rebel Rebel.

Rebel Rebel expresses the unfiltered, out of control, careless youth that is lost yet oozing at the scenes with rebellion. They are emotionally defensive and offensively rebellious in style and appearance. This song captures the story and struggle of the lost youth. HOT TRAMP, I LOVE YOU SO. Song of my summer.

This album is a classic and one of my dearest favorites. His passing has been incredibly hard, for he expressed an innate ability only few people posses. He will forever be remembered. You tacky thing, You put them on! Until next week.

With Bacon,




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