Lucinda, Lucinda

Happy MONDAY! Today is a very special day because I will not be discussing Kanye West’s twitter war with Wiz Khalifa but in fact talking about the BEAUTIFUL and ever so talented Lucinda Williams. Her Newest Album “The Ghost of Highway 20” was just released today. Ahhhh dearest Lucinda. Bless you and thank you for gifting us all with this beautiful album.

The album first opens up with “Dust”, where Williams expresses feelings of emptiness, creating a desolate wasteland of emotionless feeling. It seems as though she is carrying so much yet there is nothing left to feel or even hold. Hence the “Dust” symbolism.

Favorite song: Open the Doors of Heaven. This is one of the more upbeat sounding tracks on the album, bringing in that classic blues sound. Shes exhausted, shes fed up and she depicts it perfectly in her voice. She wants to get the hell outtah wherever she is and ESPECIALLY no pun intended.


Williams then reminisces of her youth in “Louisiana Story” when she creates both an innocent and gruesome depiction of her southern childhood. The track makes the listener reflect back to those times spent laying in the grass, looking up at the sky, creating objects out of clouds….. and then boom, backwoods abortion. Dam. She wasn’t kidding when she said “Looking back on the sweetness, Looking back on the rough.” What I like about this song is that it contains both aspects of childhood in a unique balance. Regardless, I thought it was an interesting depiction and expressed the good, the bad, and definitely the ugly.

Furthermore, in her track, “I know all about it” she may as well be having an inner monologue with herself. Her stronger persona seems to be calling out the other, who is live, in her self-destructive cycle. For example when she states “Why do you act like you don’t know me at all.” She then switches and goes into detail about this painful cycle when she states “Wonder where your spirit went and that wild abandoned feeling” It’s a sad tale of a broken spirit and a tragic heartbreak.

All in all, it seems as though this album is releasing several inner demons for Williams, from her youth and other various events. It’s expressive and in the end, peaceful. In entirety, the album has a somber, mellow, and spiritual feel with hints of smokiness and grit. I’d highly recommend it.

With Bacon,







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