Happy Monday to each and everyone who’s reading…which may or may not be 2 or three people. Shot out to you mom for reading, I appreciate you. Anywho, today is Music Monday and I think it’s time to get at a piece of whatever Ms. Beyoncé is putting out. As we all saw, the quote on quote queen, performed at the super bowl AND dropped her new song WITH a music video. Her song entitled “Formation” is what’s on the menu for today.

So lyrically, the song contains typical sassy lines, catch phrases, and insightful sayings. The lyrics also contain strong cultural references, as does the music video. The video is beautifully done and expresses glimpses of rich historical content, whether it’s plantation style scenes, or 80’s stomp and sway. There are also great references to Hurricane Katrina.

Ohhhh but here it comes….the big whammy. RACE. God isn’t this the topic of the century. Literally. Here is my personal definition/opinion of activism. So, time to preach;

Now, this is definitely debatable when discussing Beyoncé’s new music video. As I watched it, I performed a series of debates in my head, experienced a couple uncomfortable feelings, and envisioned myself in other peoples shoes. So the conclusion I’ve come to is that…..I think Beyoncé missed the mark in my book for progressive activism. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage, being proud of your culture, and of who you are i.e. “ I love my negro noes, and Jackson 5 nostrils”….but when adding negative feelings and potential aggressive connotations when uniting a group of people… “Ladies stay gracious, but revenge is your paper” then I draw the line.

ALSO, for the current social and cultural situations we are experiencing with the change of terminology and even movements e.g. Black Lives Matter…. it’s currently very confusing timing to throw in the word Negro back into the mix. I also sure as hell asked myself if I could sing this song freely, without feeling like I would get punched in the face. Regardless, the song is definitely empowering and is filled with rich historical content.

With Bacon,




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