To My Valentine,

Happy Valentines Day! Now I wouldn’t normally be finding myself posting anything in particular on this day or really related to Valentines Day at all, but something peculiar happened to me this morning. At around 9 :30 this morning, I was fast asleep, resting upon my bed, similar to the beautiful sleeping beauty (I’d like to think so, but lets be real…) when I woke up to a text that read:

“Maddie, someone brought you flowers”

What? No…. Me? There has to be some mistake…

I was one, in a daze from abruptly waking up from my dreams of chocolate cake and copious amounts of popcorn, so I was slightly out of it to say the least. But I was absurdly curious and texted back my best friend.

Me: “There must be a mistake…who are they from?”

Emily: “I don’t know…. The flowers are addressed to you and the letter just says, ‘Hot Tramp, I love you so.'”

Oh no…. those were for me. AND then the realization that HOLY COW, those are DEFINITELY for me and that is DEFINITELY a David Bowie Quote from one of my ABSOLUTE favorite songs. So, to say my heart didn’t swell, or jump, or scream would be a lie. I hate to get sappy, but how could I not when my favorite human was quoted on a note that was elegantly placed in a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers? Well, who ever this is….they are good.

So I picked up my flowers from my friends’ and couldn’t believe it. Called my mom, sister, dad, friends, you name it. Nothing. I then call the flower delivery to FINALLY find out who this secret admirer is.

“Hi Ms. Yes, we processed this delivery and unfortunately, we were given directions to keep the sender anonymous.”


Well, whoever this is, you got me good and I can’t for the life of me figure it out. But I will say, when you come forth I might give you a hard time… because when I really should be studying for my mid term tomorrow, you’re all I can think about right now. So be prepared for a hug, and maybe a shove 🙂 haha. Until we meet.


With Bacon,





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