Porches Y’all

Alright… I’ll admit, I missed music Monday last week…. and it was in fact a bad week to miss, particularly with Kanye’s new album, The Life of Pablo. It was almost a sin. But let’s be real … I’m too cheap to switch to Tidal and ok, too lazy to potentially seek it out in the dark corners of the web.

Anyway, on today’s list is Porches and his new album entitled “Pool.” I’ve been essentially rockin’ out to Pool all day except for in a semi lethargic way because it’s somewhat of a slower and more euphoric album.

Underwater is a particularly interesting track with a mesmerizing beat. I imagine myself dancing on a cloud in slow motion. Maybe a little perfume add? Wind blows hair, seductive look back. Hey, maybe throw a wink in there and call it a day. So other than the beat, the song is a full 4 minutes long with a total of about 83 words. Much is said in little words, further leaving the listener to create their own image and perspective. This esoteric aspect is what adds mystery and finesse to the album. “Shape” is another great track, that provokes a darker and more intransitive feeling. It’s spooky, semi creepy, and simple. The album holds a slight melancholy feel with some sporadic hints of disco (very subtle). I’d recommend checking it out.


With Bacon,




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