Country Thunder

So…. I wouldn’t consider myself a country girl, but I definitely got a little country this weekend. and I kind of liked it. This weekend I got the opportunity to experience the huge country music festival called Country Thunder. A dear friend of mine asked me if I’d be interested in snagging a free ticket and I said, why the hell not….and yee haa. SHAMELESS.

For a little background on Country Thunder: The festival started in 1992 on 250 acres of farm land. Since 92′ the festival has expanded. Now people from all around the US come to check out country’s biggest artists as well as the hot new country talent. This years headliners include; Georgia Florida Line, Eric Church, Jake Owen, and Kip Moore.

I have to say, over all my FAVORITE artist were The Cadillac Three. I fell in love. They have this gritty southern, heavy, raw rock sound. They are a modern throw back to Lynyard Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers.Their country rock sound makes you want to dance and well…. buy a truck and throw an american flag on the back. Maybe I got hooked?  And well I’m aye okay with that.


Meeting local country bands like Jared and The Mill. I have to say, I was exceptionally impressed with their answers when I asked them probably the most important question of, “Fuck, Kill, Marry; Woody from Toy Story, Mike Wazoski from Monsters Inc, Or Marlin from Finding Nemo”

“Fuck Woody, Kill Woody, and Marry Woody.”

Enough said.

I also definitely two stepped with a half naked cowboy, drank fireball like it was my job, and sat on top of a cowboys shoulders while watching Cole Swindle. Ma, I think I did alright.

The country crowed is incredible and exceptionally welcoming. I absolutely loved experiencing the culture and the lifestyle. I learned about country music, beer, two stepping, and well… How to properly get country rowdy. Can’t wait to go back Sunday and check out Eric Church.

With Bacon,




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