Mr. Anderson .Paak

Alright, someone pinch me because I think I just saw Anderson freaking .Paak in concert. DWAMMMM. Ladies and gentlemen if you haven’t heard the sweet melodies of Mr. .Paak, do yourself a favor and switch that dial right now. Feed your ears and most definitely feed your soul.
I got the opportunity to see Anderson perform at the Hollywood Palladium, in the sunny city of ole’ Los Angeles, CA. Well my friends, let me tell you, the man was on fire.
A few days prior to the concert, Anderson just so happened to catch word that he was nominated for a Grammy title: Best New Artist of 2017. Well now you can probably imagine where he was at for this concert. Jaw AND mike drop. .Paak’s pipes and sheer energy radiated through out the venue, filling every nook and cranny with sweet, sweet, seductive AND liberating soul. ALSO not to mention he brought out some FUNKY fresh killahs…. Likee SWAY. And granit Sway isn’t an artist per say, but dam who doesn’t like a little sway in the morning?
.Paak also brought out Bustah Rhymes, T.I. AND STEVIE WONDER. Yeah that’s right….Stevie freaking Wonder. And just when I thought I was safe of absolutely loosing it…he announced they would be creating music together. Well my heart jumped out of my chest and said ‘see ya later.’
His performance was breathtaking. The music flowed through him so genuinely and naturally. It was truly a site to see. Highlights would HAVE to be Suede (there really isn’t much sexier), Glowed Up, The Waters (ALWAYS A HITTER), and Heart Don’t Stand A Chance to name a couple.
SO to sum it up….. I would have to say top 3 perfumers I’ve seen thus far. A real 10/10 performance and I ain’t over exaggerating.
With Bacon,



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