Bleached Baby

CAAAAANNN YOUUU SMELLLLL IT?????? That’s right folks, I’m talking full benefits concert for the clayyysic music venue, The Smell which is a gahhnarley punk rock venue located in beautiful down town Los Angeles that is sadly but surely shutting down for god knows why. Well long story short, they held a BOMB benefits concert in hopes to raise money to save the venue.

The show was held at the Belasco Theater down town, which is a b-e-a-UTIFUL venue. They had bangin performers such as Bleached (which if ya don’t know….they are a kick ass punk rock girl band), Health, Best Coast, and Ty Sygall. *WHAT?! Did you say Ty Segal?!?! * Yeah I know….. LEGEND.

Well the show was incredible but, I have to say the best performance was probably Bleached. Maybe I am bias because I have a special place in my heart for girl punk rock bands that smash and slay but I mean really…. They just kicked some serious bootayy at the show.

So a little summary on these chicas; the band is essentially a reformation of the once was band named “Mika Miko”, which dispatched in 2009. Well, sad that ship sunk but than again can’t complain because Bleached is awesome. You’ve got two sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin and they recently put out “Welcome the Worms” through Bleached. Welcome the Worms is a compilation of punk love songs that make you bang your head and cry at the same time. Contrast, I know.

A highlight from the show was when they performed Keep on Keepin On. BOMB. The crowed went absolutely NUTS. They really put on a great show and raised a hell of a lot of money for The Smell. Sooooooooo all in all, if you haven’t check out Bleached AND you have just been sitting on your booty watching T.V. GET UP AND GET OUT and go listen to some dang live music. Feed your ears.

With Bacon,



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