Double X

Happy Music Monday to everyone!! Well today, I don’t mean to get X rated on yall BUT the XX has some pretty incredible new music. Their newest album, “I See You” was released January 12th, 2017 Anddd its pretty awesome.


First, the album opens up with the track Dangerous and the introduction of a high-pitched trumpet. It’s a bit regal…. then BAM in comes the deep and slightly dirty sounding base. The combination of the classic instrument mixed with the deep base creates a creatively complex rhythm. Alright….it’s borderline house sounding but the trumpet breaks it up. I imagine myself mysteriously driving at 12 p.m. into the darkness of the night towards the…. Grocery store to pick myself up a pint of ice cream. But anyway, It’s a great track.


Another highlight on the album is the track Performance, where group member Romy Madley show-cases her ghostly vocals. Performance similar to Dangerous incorporates classic instruments like the violin, creating that contrasting blend of both old and new music rhythm. It’s simple yet gripping.



Ok if im gunna be real about it, many of the tracks on the album have the classic XX sound with the slightly drousy and euphoric feel that kind of make you feel like your at a dirty hipster house party. Also like you’re in a music video running in slow motion through these grass fields and then WAM, you wake up to the smell of old gym socks. Too much? Anyway, I’d still recommend everyone listen.


All in all, the album is fairly slow but it is perfect for relaxing and kicking back…with a pint of ice cream. Well alright maybe not the pint of ice cream, but definitely cruising with the car windows down. Check it out, it’s worth the listen.


With Bacon,



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