Syd’s Got It

Alright ladies and gentleman today is a VERY special day because we’ve got SYD’S NEW ALBUM ON DECK. And man, right now there isn’t anything better. Syd Aka Sydney Bennett; artist, producer, singer-song writer AND all around musician has just released her solo album entitled Fin, on February 3rd. Syd broke into the music scene as a member of Odd Future, then did some work as a group member of  The Internet. Now Syd’s solo work is SOARING high and hitting the music scene with a slam. Let’s just say that the album is smoothly coming in, steeling yo girl AND yo man, because there really ain’t anything sexier out there right now.

On her first track, “Shake it Off”, your emotions are carried through the smooth and sultry top down classic Cadillac ride of Syd’s voice….then crank, crank, crank BOOM the track drops you back down. It’s like the winding of a clock. The gears are slowly but surely cranking until they drop into the groves. It’s a ride.

In the next track, Syd incorporates a little 90’s R&B/Hip Hop ( Shout out to Aalyah ) in “Know.” Syd soulfully breaths out every verse making it impossible not to node your head, no matter if you’re a hip hop fan or not. You’ve also got a lot going on with the beat, from the slightly poppy sound mixed with the drawn out synth enhanced sections.

And then you’ve got the banger,  “No Complaints” coming in at a POWERFUL 1:13 seconds. Lets be real, it’s short but it’s all you really need for this track. Syd is putting it all out on the table and sparing no shortage of her energy and passion here. It’s raw, its harsh, and it lingers. No surprise she produced and wrote the entire track. You can clearly hear her.

What is interesting about this album compared to her work with The Internet is that it’s arguably more lighter than the groups album, Ego Death. Fin is more of a spiritual break through for Syd and a compilation of work that allows her to fully step into herself. It’s heavy at times, but its real and raw…. Well, in the classic style that we all crave from Syd. We can’t deny that she keeps it real always.

In the end, these are just a few hitters on the album, when really the entire album could be 2 hours longer and it just wouldn’t be long enough. She really put out something special with this album.

Sooooooo….. CHECK THIS OUT if you haven’t. You can’t sleep on this one. It’s just way too good.

With Bacon,



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