Take a Chance

Take a Chance

All right, here it is folks…serving you Music Monday SUNNY side up and well, we’ve got it while it’s HOTT. GRAMMYS hot.

Now I don’t know who watched the 59th Grammys but if you didn’t, it was said to be one of the best Grammys ever forever of all time. Look, I know EVER forever of all time is kind of a big phrase but I mean it was seriously a big deal. So anyway, this Music Monday is dedicated to our boy who stole the show, the man who won Best Rap Album and Best New Artist of 2016.  Now officially crowned our freshest bboi of 2016, give it up for our boy Chance the Rapper!  

Now it’s debatable whether Chance is technically a NEW artist (according to Grammys voting guidelines, music released between October 1st, 2015 and September 30th, 2016 are eligible for the 2017 Grammy Awards). But it’s not up for question whether he absolutely deserved this honorable recognition. His album, Coloring Book is undoubtedly a true piece of art. So all right, shall we? Lets get to it:

Boom, ‘All We’ve Got’ opens up the album with the sweet sweet melody of the trumpet. This song is beautiful.  Just including the Chicago Children’s Choir in-itself creates an absolutely breathtaking background to Chance’s rap. It lays down the remarkable groundwork to this track, enhancing the volume and sheer power engrained in the beat. Also, Chance’s lyrics bring a sense of connectivity and community to anyone and everyone listening.  It’s undoubtedly relatable and unifying. ‘Music is all we’ve got’ is semi cliché but……the song gets to you.

Then you have ‘Summer Friends’ which is another mesmerizing track that truly captures summer.  Even though it’s CLEARLY in the title, this song does encompass that essence of summer. There is something about the beat that communicates a sense of cool, mellow, relaxed, and chill summer energy. In the end, this track is as light as a feather while also being as smooth and sweet as a Jonson & Jonson’s baby’s bottom. DAMN Beautiful.

Another favorite of mine is ‘Same Drugs.’ Honestly, it’s so simple but pretty g*d damn straightforward.  Simple fact, as per his lyrics… our boy just really DOES NOT do the same drugs as his home girl. No más. BUT regarding the track itself, there is something in chance’s voice in this song that is poetic.  The piano is simple and the lyrics are sung almost as a poem. And well, clearly it’s incredibly fun to sing a long too.

Though these are only three out of the fourteen tracks on Coloring Book, the remaining twelve are just as solid. Now how’s that for a musical equation? 

Lets be real, Chance has so many bangers on this album, its unreal. He truly killed this album and his effort and work were compensated last night when he won that Grammy award. Alright, I won’t lie…. It killed me a little bit… But look, being such a huge .Paak fan, it did kill, I’ll admit.  But good music is good music and well, there really isn’t any arguing about that.  SOOOO If its been a minute since you’ve listened to Coloring Book, do yourself a favor and feed your ears because they are hungry for this album.

With Bacon,



3 Replies to “Take a Chance”

    1. It’s pretty spectacular. He’s got so much going on in this album. That’s so hard because I agree, every track is incredible. Right now, I have to say Summer Friends. It’s so smooth and can fit so many moods! What about you?


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