Excuse Me SiR

Alright ladies and gentleman, HAPPY MUSIC MONDAY. Now I know I have been posting about a lot of R & B artists…. But like I just HAD to do one more…

Today’s guest is a Hip hop/R&B artist from Inglewood, California.  GIVE IT UP FOR SiR.  SiR is a multi talented singer/song writer, producer, and engineer who just released an EP entitled Her Too.

The beautiful EP Her Too has a total of 6 smooth and absolutely sultry tracks that each individually act as a sliver to a bigger love story. The tracks essentially reflect the relationship between artist SiR and his wife of 7 years. Vague and slightly ambiguous at times, the EP contains beautiful poetic lyrics as well as sultry and oh so smooth melodies. A prime example of this is the track “The Canvas”.

“The Canvas” is a sweet and poetic love song where SiR uses an actual canvas to symbolize the beauty of his woman and their relationship i.e. “You’re such a work of art.” and “I’m just here to add a little color to the canvas.” It might be cheesy, but 100% genuine my friends. In the end, it’s a beautiful track, expressing his true affections. The melody is elegant and soft as well as slow and fluid.. It’s a blended work of art.

As gentle as “The Canvas” is, you’ve also got “Don’t Call My Phone” which is a little bit spicier… I wouldn’t say Cholula hot (shout out to all my fellow fans) BUT  I would say this song clearly packs a punch i.e.”If I offend you bro, I promise that I really meant to ” Dwammm. Well regardless, this track shows another aspect of SiR’s relationship, because lets be real…. there are gunna be some lows.  BUT dang he made this low sound super FUNKY. This track contains little hints of the trumpet here and there keeping the track light and airy….and well sassy.

And if we are gunna vier back onto the intimacy road, the track “Ooh Nah Nah” expresses the development of SiR’s feelings for his significant other. It’s tranquil and well…. quite sexy. SiR also keeps the beat fairly simple EXCEPT when Masego (featured artist) comes in and does an improve scat singing with the trumpet. This adds a slight flare to the track, which remains fairly consistent throughout the 4:00 min duration.

An honorable mention on the EP has to be New LA, which is an incredible track that opens up the EP.  It’s light, airy and well…. Anderson .Paak is featured so its incredible.  I can’t say it is one of my favorite tracks on the album, but it is definitely unique.  The track almost has this Caribbean sound which definitely set’s it apart from the rest of the EP. Worth the listen.

Well that’s all for this Music Monday folks.  If you haven’t checked out this EP, I would highly recommend.  Its smooth, sweet, and sultry… perfect for a relaxing evening.

With bacon,




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