The Internet LIVE

Alright, so I saw The Internet last Monday and damn normally Monday’s are rough but… I was willing to get my butt out for this show. ANDDD It was one for the books.

To no surprise, The Internet was soulful and sultry as ever. The show was absolutely packed with raw talent and the band members did not shy away from shelling out all their old and new material.  On top of The Internet performing, band member Steve Lacy performed his new EP, as did Matt Martians who performed his new LP.  And drum roll please…..then OF COURSE you had Syd breaking it down for us at the end, serving up Fin (no pun intended). A lot of artists show up, perform their set, and then dip.  Well, The Internet had a Jam sesh on stage and we all got to be a part of it. And ain’t NOBODY mad about that. It was rad.

The band started off with Special Affair from their album Ego Death, which was a hit. The crowd went absolutely wild. Slow and sultry, Syd performed in her classic, laid back and smooth fashion. The venue shook with the heavy bass that bassist Patrick Paige so effortlessly performs. It was perfect.

After playing some hits off of Ego Death, they transitioned into Steve Lacy’s New EP “Steve Lacy’s Demo” which was electric.  The mans got style, ain’t no doubt about that.  His funky guitar sound was a nice break from the deeper, slightly darker style of Ego Death. Regardless, it was beautiful. Then shortly after we got to hear Matt Martians new LP which was also rad.

SO then….. Syd performed Fin to wrap it all up.  Nuts, absolute nuts.  Hey maybe I am biased, but her album is unreal. I mean I think we were all waiting for her to come out with some hot fresh solo material and she really didn’t let us down. Well she didn’t disappoint performing this either.

Smooth and effortless, Syd connected with the crowed as if she had known us since day one.  Also, the Fonda made this energy easier to portray, as it is more of an intimate setting.  Regardless, she was cool and relaxed. Calm and collected.  She had it goin.

Now all was fairly laid back while she was performing…. up until she hit us all with No Complaints.  We lost it.

“Ridding round your city in a mother fucking space ship.”

“I will tell you that I am the greatest but you knew that.”  Damn.

All in all, the show was phenomenal and they absolutely KILLED it live.  If you haven’t seen them perform, do yourself a favor and DO IT. and do it NOW.  Because they are touring now so get it while its hot!

With bacon,



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