All right so I did it.  This year I FINALLY committed and I purchased A 2017 Coachella Weekend 1 pass. And honestly…. Call me cliché but it might have been one of the best weekends of my life. FINE I said it. Damn it, you win this time Coachella.

So with that being said, I’ve got 3 BANGIN’ performances I’m dying to report on. It’s not easy narrowing it down, but with that insane line up, I had to simplify. So here are the nominees for best Coachella performances:



Glass Animals

Now you might be asking yourself, wow what an interesting combination…  We’re talking Glass Animals and Future? That’s like thinking about putting pickles in your nuetella sandwich. What the F*&$, GROSS.  But really, both artists SERIOUSLY hit it out of the ballpark with their performances, as did Goldlink.

So, Let’s talk Future, and I mean in current time. Hehe…

Alright, maybe I judged Future too hard.  In fact that maybe is actually a definitely. I definitely judged Future too hard before Coachella. Maybe it was the dreadlocks… I mean honestly, it could have been the dreadlocks.  Regardless, the man can seriously perform, and he’s got some killer style and finesse. He put himself out there as a creative and talented artist.

He had a great set list of all his hits and he also catered to his super fans by performing some of their favorites, too. Also, not to mention the man had a dam flute player with him. Pretty awesome. He brought out two performers, Migos and oh… wait for it… DRAKE. He definitely took over the stage for a minute… Have to say, he truly does have an insane presence… but that did not deter us from our homie, Future.

You would think having a big boi like Drake perform could potentially throw off your game. But I mean, after Drake left the stage…..Future hit us with Mask Off so I mean he brought the show BACK. Easily. So we all gladly boarded the Future train and rode that mofo all the way to the end of the line. All in all, Futures performance was killer.

And then GoldLink

This performance was dope and was actually probably the most unexpected. I LOVE GoldLink’s new album, but have to say I was not expecting the straight up litness that happened in the pit i.e. insane mosh pit. When he played ‘Koko Mo Freestyle’ everyone went HAM. He further more killed it on ‘Meditation’ and ‘Have you Seen That Girl.’ All in all, GoldLink had a rad set.

Finally, last but not least… GLASS ANIMALS

All right this is where I truly went to heaven. I have been straight DYING to see these guys for years now and it finally happened. Praise. I finally ate the golden apple and it was DELICIOUS.

To no surprise these guys seriously jammed out on stage. And I mean extra extra strawberry jam with your peanut butter sandwich. That’s right. Glass Animals had it goin’ on. They have this naturally funky electric rock sound that can’t help but be super stellar and groovy and honestly a bit creepy. But that same creepiness gives them that unique edge. I had been waiting for them to play ‘Toes’ and it did not disappoint. It was a bomb performance.

All in all Coachella was pretty tight. It is like Disneyland only music style. The fairgrounds were jam-packed with culture, style, food, and interesting people. The ticket price is insanely expensive, but it’s worth it to check out different artist you wouldn’t normally see and experience all the interesting art and culture. I mean I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to be looking forward towards next years line up. And yes….. Beyoncé.

So if you haven’t gone, check it out. I guarantee it’ll be a trip.

With Bacon,



3 Replies to “Coachella”

  1. Loved this post. I myself have never been but am planning on going next year. Glad I read this! Good stuff! You’ve got my follow. Check out my comedy blog and give it a follow if you like it!


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