Who’s on the Agenda?

This last weekend I checked out Agenda Festival in long beach, an event put on primarily for over 500 independent street artist and clothing brands. This year the event expanded and incorporated live performers and a variety of food trucks.

The street brands showcased at the convention center were to no surprise unique and showed unbelievable creativity. What was more impressive was the merchandising of all the product lines. You had vendors transforming their booths into an outdoor shopping experiences with trees and soil all the way to vintage cars showing off product. The shopping experience was definitely taken to another level at this years event.

Live Performance:

SO, I mean I was already down for this festival to begin with but then when I heard Ludacris himself was performing, I kind of lost it. We all know Luda knows how to get down. Shout out to all my hip-hop lovers who KNOW that watching Blueberry Yum Yum and Act A Fool live ain’t NOTHING BUT LIT.

So naturally Luda got down and so did we. He gave the crowd what they wanted and that was performing ALL HIS HITS. But out of all, some notable mentions have to be:

  • Act A Fool
  • My Chick Bad
  • Blueberry Yum Yum
  • How Low

He was unreal.


So after Luda went on, our boy Tyler was up. This was a unique performance because it was Tyler’s first time performing his new album“ Flower Boy”

The show opened up with Who Dat Boy, a new track from his album. The intro was slightly anti climatic because Tyler started, stopped, and then re-did the intro. But it was ok…. because he then brought out A$AP ROCKY. This performance had to be one of the best out of his set.

So other then that, the crowd was semi tamed. Now this is my second time seeing Tyler and normally the crowd is HYPE but this performance was slightly slower. We noticed the energy just in time and decided to head into the pit. Word of advice for a Tyler show, if you’re gunna do the show right you gotta get yourself into the pit. I mean, I’m not gunna lie at one point I thought I was gunna get stabbed but I mean, that’s the pit.

So some other notable performances have to be:

  • Domo 23
  • Fucking Young/Perfect
  • Yonkers

When he performed Yonkers I lost it.


So all around, the festival was cool. This was the very first Agenda Festival yet so there is much room to grow. It will be interesting to see how next year will turn out if they do in fact decide to do another year.

So in future news… this weekend I’m checking out FYF fest and THAT will be UN-F^&*ing-REAL. Yo girl is DEFINTIELY getting down to hip-hop queen Missy Elliot as well as Anderson .Paak and Frank Ocean. But let’s be real… I’m really checking myself in for A TRIBE CALLED QUEST. I already know I’m in for a spiritual experience with that one. RIP Phife Dawg, we celebrating you this weekend!

Stay TUNED my friends.


With Bacon,





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