FYF 2017

So if you read my previous blog post on Agenda Fest last weekend, you might remember I mentioned I’d be heading to FYF fest for the following weekend. Well, I went and Fuck Yeah it was B.O.M.B. I have to say; the line up had to be one of my personal favorites this festival season thus far, with Coachella coming in second.

The schedule was Puuurfect with very minimal scheduling conflicts. This is always an unfortunate hit when you have a conflict because let’s be real, we’ve all been there, and ain’t nobody got time for that. SO we fortunately did not have to go down that dark path and had a pretty solid experience. I attended Friday and Saturday but skipped on Sunday. There were some very very rad performers playing BUT I had to pass. The performers I did see on Friday and Saturday where UNREAL though and killed it during their sets. Top performances had to be:

  • Missy Elliot
  • Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals
  • MGMT
  • A Tribe Called Quest
  • Frank Ocean

And alright, I know that’s kind of a lot, but to be fair, I DID mention the line up was dope. So we proceed:

Missy Elliott:

One word for her performance…LIT. But that is to be expected as Missy Elliot is a sure bet for a very L.I.T. time. I mean, the original queen of hip-hop has no shortage of top hits to pull out of her back pocket and simply just lay out on the floor. And ohhh she did. The crowd got down to hits such as Get your Freak On, Lose Control, Bomb Intro/Pass That Dutch, Work It and more. She also performed some of her more recent hits like I’m Better and WTF, which naturally got the crowd amped. Missy is NO LIE, homies, and she ain’t goin’ NO WHERE.


Anderson .Paak

So I’m normally not a huge fan of being in the FRONT of shows, but I saw an opening in the crowd while watching .Paak and figured sure, why not. Well, I’m glad I did because seeing him groove and play the drums up close was a freaking treat.

Now this was my third time seeing .Paak with the first time being at the Hollywood Palladium, the second at the House of Blues Anaheim, and then shortly after he toured in Europe. Well, he just recently came BACK from Europe and then performed FYF and WOW, his performance was ohhhh soooo clean. The music organically flows through this artist already but after touring, it is evident that he’s only honed in on his skills as a performer. His set was spotless and absolutely polished. Maybe be the best performance of the weekend for me. Incredible. I mean also good god you just simply cannot go wrong with live instruments.


This made the top list because it was an absolute throw back for everyone. These guys have great vibes and are fairly consistent performers. I mean, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of someone coming back from an MGMT concert disappointed because the artists didn’t put on a good show. The music is basically modern day psychedelic rock so I mean trippy is trippy and that’s not gunna change. So on that note, FREAKING GOOD VIBES ALL THROUGH OUT THE SHOW. If I could buy everyone at the bar a round of this every time I go out, yeah I’d do it. JUST SOLID. Fun Funky and absolutely FRESH. The sun was shining high in the sky when they performed as well, so it was basically like we were all living in a bubbly music video. Awesome.

A Tribe Called Quest

Now if you think you’ve been to a hip hop show…. Think again because I thought I had been to my fair share until I saw Tribe. Maybe it’s the reputation or the deep roots they have, but nothing beats the authenticity of seeing true hip hop legends like A Tribe Called Quest. And hey, maybe I am biased, (Insert hyper link), but you just can’t beat ‘em. To all my hip hop fans, you feel me. Organic, raw, and real to the core, this show was where it’s at. At first, I was slightly bothered because there was some sound issues, BUT that eased up toward the second half of their performance. No lie, they have aged and they are in fact missing one of their main boys, (RIP Phiff) but they still came strong and their energy hasn’t faded. Absolutely classic hip hop performance. Can’t ask for anything better.

Frank Ocean

Then you had Frank. Now when you invest in Frank, you know you’re investing in a very low key and mellow show. One with a lot of feels too, if ya feel me. So this show was no different then what you’d expect. A lot of sways and groovessss. This was also a special performance because Frank seldom performs. I mean word has it our friend has some serious stage fright. With that being said, his performance was chill and well, beautiful. It was at the end of the night so we were all pretty beat, but still, it didn’t change the fact that Frank has a voice of an angel. Also, damn the man sure had some serious hunnies screaming for him in the pit. Damn.

All in all the festival was rad and well organized. The crowd was cool, the sets were awesome, and the line up was perfect. Next year will be AWESOME and I can’t wait to be back.


With Bacon,




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