Fresh Nikobeats

Normally, Wednesdays are lame and I’m pretty sure we can all agree on this universal truth.  So aside from this fact, we have a local hero that has saved us all from this mundane day, that retched hump, the lamest of days….  And that hero would have to be The Low End Theory. Yes Low End Theory, we are talking to you.  Thank you for saving us Los Angeles punk kids and delivering us some fresh hip hop to get down with on a Wednesday night. Now if ya’ll don’t know, the Low End Theory organizes a line up at the Airliner in Lincoln Heights every Wednesday with resident DJ’s and raw local hip hop talent.  It is arguably one of the most raw music venues in L.A
Well, this last Wednesday definitely did not disappoint with the line up either. There were many talented artist on the scene, but one in particular had the crowd groovin’. I have to tip my hat off to young DJ, Nikobeats for bringing in the doppest style last night.  He killed it.
Introduced by the old school hip hop group the Beat Junkies, Nikobeats performed his unique and eclectic music style effortlessly on stage. Performance wise, Nikobeats had a cool demeanor, with a laid back and relaxed attitude during his set. He took over the room and had everyone swaying and jamin’.
After dissecting his self titled instrumental album, Nikobeats produces tracks that pull from a wide range of genres and influences such as old school hip-hop, jazz, and worldly music. His track “All Grown Up” in particular pulls from what sounds like middle eastern or even indian records.  The contrast is methodic and groovy. The only problem is some of the tracks just AREN’T LONG ENOUGH.  Is it so bad to wanna groove more? Hey yo Nikobeats, hook a sistah up and let us hear that for days.
All in all, I am only looking forward to hearing more of what this artists is working with and as far as I can see, he’s got it goin’ on.  So stay tuned for more.
AND do yourself a favor and go check him out.  He’s dope.
With Bacon,

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