Collections on Collections

Happy Music Monday Ya’ll.  I hope everyone is having an enjoyable Monday and slowly recovering from this weekends debauchery. Well, to all of my friends out there who are alive, thriving, and feeling particularly vitalized today, I have a freshly pressed Music Monday for you. A perfectly ripe record, hot off the vine, a fresh egg cooked sunny side up on a bed of crispy hash browns…  i’m talking about our special guest, the one and only Soccer Mommy.  And I don’t mean your mom with the 2003 mini van.  You know, the one you used to roll up to elementary school in with the sticker collection in the back seat and the lost lollipops stuck in the hole where the seat belt was permanently lost. No, I’m talking about Soccer Mommy, a local Tennessee artist who just recently released an album entitled “Collections.”

Collections is a project focused on the artists experience feeling the lacerations of love and vulnerability. Cringe… Ouch, I know. It is a simplistic album, with mellow acoustics and sincere yet deep lyrics. Soccer Mommy paints a relatable story of the heart aches of delving into a relationship and walks us through her experience of the good, the bad, and the ugly. We hear it all, and I mean it’s fairly enjoyable.  BUT I’ll leave that up to your discretion. As of now, let us get down to it and dissect some songs.


This track primarily focuses on emotional restraint and hesitation. This is a great opener for the album because it starts off showing the beginning of the artist’s journey down the path of love and opening up.  Allison expresses “Don’t throw in your sword” Well the artist is clearly reluctant to fall and wants to hold on for as long as she can. Giving up your independence can be daunting, hence the symbolism of the sword. Well, resisting and being strong can only last so long…unfortunately your heart gives out whether you sometimes plan on it or not.  So in this case, the heart has given out and well…. I mean produced a fairly nice album. But in the midst of this track, we see the vulnerability start to unfold and the artist becomes open to her experience but also open to the listeners. Great first track.

Death By Chocolate

This track expresses the pitfalls of wanting so badly to impress the one you are falling for that you sometimes lose site of yourself. “Wish I was as cool as you.” This expresses how we all want the object of our affection to like us and think we are cooler than we really are…and we often get carried away with is this facade.  All the games and the tricks can eventually lead us astray from who we are and who we really want to be loved for.  This seems contradictory but we do it all the time. At this time, the album starts to shift into a dark mode.  Then the track Worn Out shortly follows.

Worn Out:

Piggy backing off of Death By Chocolate, this track shows how our artist is essentially drained and worn out from her experience wearing a mask, “I want to feel like I’ve been admired, you’ve only taught me how to be out worn” The artist wants to be loved for who she is, but instead she is faced with being loved for the mask, and evidentially gets exhausted.  Sad yet again, this is one of those realities we face in our daily lives with friends, loved ones, roommates etc. We. Get. Tiered. of the mask. We are sometimes even left lonelier than ever when the point was to try and authentically be close with someone, right? Also, “You don’t love me now. And you don’t know how” shows a sad truth of what we have all felt with a significant other at some point in a relationship. If you can’t love yourself, how can you love another?

All in all, the album is light with many deeper points of love and the reality we face with intimacy and vulnerability.  I would have to say overall, keeping it real is the best way to avoid any of these issues but then again, you can’t win all the time. So thank you for joining me this music Monday! Stay tuned for another post coming up soon. I’ve got a new age band I’m reporting on that played at a rad venue in the city.


With Bacon,




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