Syd’s Got It

Alright ladies and gentleman today is a VERY special day because we’ve got SYD’S NEW ALBUM ON DECK. And man, right now there isn’t anything better. Syd Aka Sydney Bennett; artist, producer, singer-song writer AND all around musician has just released her solo album entitled Fin, on February 3rd. Syd broke into the music scene as a member of Odd Future, then did some work as a group member of  The Internet. Now Syd’s solo work is SOARING high and hitting the music scene with a slam. Let’s just say that the album is smoothly coming in, steeling yo girl AND yo man, because there really ain’t anything sexier out there right now.

On her first track, “Shake it Off”, your emotions are carried through the smooth and sultry top down classic Cadillac ride of Syd’s voice….then crank, crank, crank BOOM the track drops you back down. It’s like the winding of a clock. The gears are slowly but surely cranking until they drop into the groves. It’s a ride.

In the next track, Syd incorporates a little 90’s R&B/Hip Hop ( Shout out to Aalyah ) in “Know.” Syd soulfully breaths out every verse making it impossible not to node your head, no matter if you’re a hip hop fan or not. You’ve also got a lot going on with the beat, from the slightly poppy sound mixed with the drawn out synth enhanced sections.

And then you’ve got the banger,  “No Complaints” coming in at a POWERFUL 1:13 seconds. Lets be real, it’s short but it’s all you really need for this track. Syd is putting it all out on the table and sparing no shortage of her energy and passion here. It’s raw, its harsh, and it lingers. No surprise she produced and wrote the entire track. You can clearly hear her.

What is interesting about this album compared to her work with The Internet is that it’s arguably more lighter than the groups album, Ego Death. Fin is more of a spiritual break through for Syd and a compilation of work that allows her to fully step into herself. It’s heavy at times, but its real and raw…. Well, in the classic style that we all crave from Syd. We can’t deny that she keeps it real always.

In the end, these are just a few hitters on the album, when really the entire album could be 2 hours longer and it just wouldn’t be long enough. She really put out something special with this album.

Sooooooo….. CHECK THIS OUT if you haven’t. You can’t sleep on this one. It’s just way too good.

With Bacon,


Porches Y’all

Alright… I’ll admit, I missed music Monday last week…. and it was in fact a bad week to miss, particularly with Kanye’s new album, The Life of Pablo. It was almost a sin. But let’s be real … I’m too cheap to switch to Tidal and ok, too lazy to potentially seek it out in the dark corners of the web.

Anyway, on today’s list is Porches and his new album entitled “Pool.” I’ve been essentially rockin’ out to Pool all day except for in a semi lethargic way because it’s somewhat of a slower and more euphoric album.

Underwater is a particularly interesting track with a mesmerizing beat. I imagine myself dancing on a cloud in slow motion. Maybe a little perfume add? Wind blows hair, seductive look back. Hey, maybe throw a wink in there and call it a day. So other than the beat, the song is a full 4 minutes long with a total of about 83 words. Much is said in little words, further leaving the listener to create their own image and perspective. This esoteric aspect is what adds mystery and finesse to the album. “Shape” is another great track, that provokes a darker and more intransitive feeling. It’s spooky, semi creepy, and simple. The album holds a slight melancholy feel with some sporadic hints of disco (very subtle). I’d recommend checking it out.


With Bacon,




Happy Monday to each and everyone who’s reading…which may or may not be 2 or three people. Shot out to you mom for reading, I appreciate you. Anywho, today is Music Monday and I think it’s time to get at a piece of whatever Ms. Beyoncé is putting out. As we all saw, the quote on quote queen, performed at the super bowl AND dropped her new song WITH a music video. Her song entitled “Formation” is what’s on the menu for today.

So lyrically, the song contains typical sassy lines, catch phrases, and insightful sayings. The lyrics also contain strong cultural references, as does the music video. The video is beautifully done and expresses glimpses of rich historical content, whether it’s plantation style scenes, or 80’s stomp and sway. There are also great references to Hurricane Katrina.

Ohhhh but here it comes….the big whammy. RACE. God isn’t this the topic of the century. Literally. Here is my personal definition/opinion of activism. So, time to preach;

Now, this is definitely debatable when discussing Beyoncé’s new music video. As I watched it, I performed a series of debates in my head, experienced a couple uncomfortable feelings, and envisioned myself in other peoples shoes. So the conclusion I’ve come to is that…..I think Beyoncé missed the mark in my book for progressive activism. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage, being proud of your culture, and of who you are i.e. “ I love my negro noes, and Jackson 5 nostrils”….but when adding negative feelings and potential aggressive connotations when uniting a group of people… “Ladies stay gracious, but revenge is your paper” then I draw the line.

ALSO, for the current social and cultural situations we are experiencing with the change of terminology and even movements e.g. Black Lives Matter…. it’s currently very confusing timing to throw in the word Negro back into the mix. I also sure as hell asked myself if I could sing this song freely, without feeling like I would get punched in the face. Regardless, the song is definitely empowering and is filled with rich historical content.

With Bacon,