Mr. Anderson .Paak

Alright, someone pinch me because I think I just saw Anderson freaking .Paak in concert. DWAMMMM. Ladies and gentlemen if you haven’t heard the sweet melodies of Mr. .Paak, do yourself a favor and switch that dial right now. Feed your ears and most definitely feed your soul.
I got the opportunity to see Anderson perform at the Hollywood Palladium, in the sunny city of ole’ Los Angeles, CA. Well my friends, let me tell you, the man was on fire.
A few days prior to the concert, Anderson just so happened to catch word that he was nominated for a Grammy title: Best New Artist of 2017. Well now you can probably imagine where he was at for this concert. Jaw AND mike drop. .Paak’s pipes and sheer energy radiated through out the venue, filling every nook and cranny with sweet, sweet, seductive AND liberating soul. ALSO not to mention he brought out some FUNKY fresh killahs…. Likee SWAY. And granit Sway isn’t an artist per say, but dam who doesn’t like a little sway in the morning?
.Paak also brought out Bustah Rhymes, T.I. AND STEVIE WONDER. Yeah that’s right….Stevie freaking Wonder. And just when I thought I was safe of absolutely loosing it…he announced they would be creating music together. Well my heart jumped out of my chest and said ‘see ya later.’
His performance was breathtaking. The music flowed through him so genuinely and naturally. It was truly a site to see. Highlights would HAVE to be Suede (there really isn’t much sexier), Glowed Up, The Waters (ALWAYS A HITTER), and Heart Don’t Stand A Chance to name a couple.
SO to sum it up….. I would have to say top 3 perfumers I’ve seen thus far. A real 10/10 performance and I ain’t over exaggerating.
With Bacon,


Country Thunder

So…. I wouldn’t consider myself a country girl, but I definitely got a little country this weekend. and I kind of liked it. This weekend I got the opportunity to experience the huge country music festival called Country Thunder. A dear friend of mine asked me if I’d be interested in snagging a free ticket and I said, why the hell not….and yee haa. SHAMELESS.

For a little background on Country Thunder: The festival started in 1992 on 250 acres of farm land. Since 92′ the festival has expanded. Now people from all around the US come to check out country’s biggest artists as well as the hot new country talent. This years headliners include; Georgia Florida Line, Eric Church, Jake Owen, and Kip Moore.

I have to say, over all my FAVORITE artist were The Cadillac Three. I fell in love. They have this gritty southern, heavy, raw rock sound. They are a modern throw back to Lynyard Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers.Their country rock sound makes you want to dance and well…. buy a truck and throw an american flag on the back. Maybe I got hooked?  And well I’m aye okay with that.


Meeting local country bands like Jared and The Mill. I have to say, I was exceptionally impressed with their answers when I asked them probably the most important question of, “Fuck, Kill, Marry; Woody from Toy Story, Mike Wazoski from Monsters Inc, Or Marlin from Finding Nemo”

“Fuck Woody, Kill Woody, and Marry Woody.”

Enough said.

I also definitely two stepped with a half naked cowboy, drank fireball like it was my job, and sat on top of a cowboys shoulders while watching Cole Swindle. Ma, I think I did alright.

The country crowed is incredible and exceptionally welcoming. I absolutely loved experiencing the culture and the lifestyle. I learned about country music, beer, two stepping, and well… How to properly get country rowdy. Can’t wait to go back Sunday and check out Eric Church.

With Bacon,



Porches Y’all

Alright… I’ll admit, I missed music Monday last week…. and it was in fact a bad week to miss, particularly with Kanye’s new album, The Life of Pablo. It was almost a sin. But let’s be real … I’m too cheap to switch to Tidal and ok, too lazy to potentially seek it out in the dark corners of the web.

Anyway, on today’s list is Porches and his new album entitled “Pool.” I’ve been essentially rockin’ out to Pool all day except for in a semi lethargic way because it’s somewhat of a slower and more euphoric album.

Underwater is a particularly interesting track with a mesmerizing beat. I imagine myself dancing on a cloud in slow motion. Maybe a little perfume add? Wind blows hair, seductive look back. Hey, maybe throw a wink in there and call it a day. So other than the beat, the song is a full 4 minutes long with a total of about 83 words. Much is said in little words, further leaving the listener to create their own image and perspective. This esoteric aspect is what adds mystery and finesse to the album. “Shape” is another great track, that provokes a darker and more intransitive feeling. It’s spooky, semi creepy, and simple. The album holds a slight melancholy feel with some sporadic hints of disco (very subtle). I’d recommend checking it out.


With Bacon,



To My Valentine,

Happy Valentines Day! Now I wouldn’t normally be finding myself posting anything in particular on this day or really related to Valentines Day at all, but something peculiar happened to me this morning. At around 9 :30 this morning, I was fast asleep, resting upon my bed, similar to the beautiful sleeping beauty (I’d like to think so, but lets be real…) when I woke up to a text that read:

“Maddie, someone brought you flowers”

What? No…. Me? There has to be some mistake…

I was one, in a daze from abruptly waking up from my dreams of chocolate cake and copious amounts of popcorn, so I was slightly out of it to say the least. But I was absurdly curious and texted back my best friend.

Me: “There must be a mistake…who are they from?”

Emily: “I don’t know…. The flowers are addressed to you and the letter just says, ‘Hot Tramp, I love you so.'”

Oh no…. those were for me. AND then the realization that HOLY COW, those are DEFINITELY for me and that is DEFINITELY a David Bowie Quote from one of my ABSOLUTE favorite songs. So, to say my heart didn’t swell, or jump, or scream would be a lie. I hate to get sappy, but how could I not when my favorite human was quoted on a note that was elegantly placed in a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers? Well, who ever this is….they are good.

So I picked up my flowers from my friends’ and couldn’t believe it. Called my mom, sister, dad, friends, you name it. Nothing. I then call the flower delivery to FINALLY find out who this secret admirer is.

“Hi Ms. Yes, we processed this delivery and unfortunately, we were given directions to keep the sender anonymous.”


Well, whoever this is, you got me good and I can’t for the life of me figure it out. But I will say, when you come forth I might give you a hard time… because when I really should be studying for my mid term tomorrow, you’re all I can think about right now. So be prepared for a hug, and maybe a shove 🙂 haha. Until we meet.


With Bacon,





Happy Monday to each and everyone who’s reading…which may or may not be 2 or three people. Shot out to you mom for reading, I appreciate you. Anywho, today is Music Monday and I think it’s time to get at a piece of whatever Ms. Beyoncé is putting out. As we all saw, the quote on quote queen, performed at the super bowl AND dropped her new song WITH a music video. Her song entitled “Formation” is what’s on the menu for today.

So lyrically, the song contains typical sassy lines, catch phrases, and insightful sayings. The lyrics also contain strong cultural references, as does the music video. The video is beautifully done and expresses glimpses of rich historical content, whether it’s plantation style scenes, or 80’s stomp and sway. There are also great references to Hurricane Katrina.

Ohhhh but here it comes….the big whammy. RACE. God isn’t this the topic of the century. Literally. Here is my personal definition/opinion of activism. So, time to preach;

Now, this is definitely debatable when discussing Beyoncé’s new music video. As I watched it, I performed a series of debates in my head, experienced a couple uncomfortable feelings, and envisioned myself in other peoples shoes. So the conclusion I’ve come to is that…..I think Beyoncé missed the mark in my book for progressive activism. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage, being proud of your culture, and of who you are i.e. “ I love my negro noes, and Jackson 5 nostrils”….but when adding negative feelings and potential aggressive connotations when uniting a group of people… “Ladies stay gracious, but revenge is your paper” then I draw the line.

ALSO, for the current social and cultural situations we are experiencing with the change of terminology and even movements e.g. Black Lives Matter…. it’s currently very confusing timing to throw in the word Negro back into the mix. I also sure as hell asked myself if I could sing this song freely, without feeling like I would get punched in the face. Regardless, the song is definitely empowering and is filled with rich historical content.

With Bacon,



Lucinda, Lucinda

Happy MONDAY! Today is a very special day because I will not be discussing Kanye West’s twitter war with Wiz Khalifa but in fact talking about the BEAUTIFUL and ever so talented Lucinda Williams. Her Newest Album “The Ghost of Highway 20” was just released today. Ahhhh dearest Lucinda. Bless you and thank you for gifting us all with this beautiful album.

The album first opens up with “Dust”, where Williams expresses feelings of emptiness, creating a desolate wasteland of emotionless feeling. It seems as though she is carrying so much yet there is nothing left to feel or even hold. Hence the “Dust” symbolism.

Favorite song: Open the Doors of Heaven. This is one of the more upbeat sounding tracks on the album, bringing in that classic blues sound. Shes exhausted, shes fed up and she depicts it perfectly in her voice. She wants to get the hell outtah wherever she is and ESPECIALLY no pun intended.


Williams then reminisces of her youth in “Louisiana Story” when she creates both an innocent and gruesome depiction of her southern childhood. The track makes the listener reflect back to those times spent laying in the grass, looking up at the sky, creating objects out of clouds….. and then boom, backwoods abortion. Dam. She wasn’t kidding when she said “Looking back on the sweetness, Looking back on the rough.” What I like about this song is that it contains both aspects of childhood in a unique balance. Regardless, I thought it was an interesting depiction and expressed the good, the bad, and definitely the ugly.

Furthermore, in her track, “I know all about it” she may as well be having an inner monologue with herself. Her stronger persona seems to be calling out the other, who is live, in her self-destructive cycle. For example when she states “Why do you act like you don’t know me at all.” She then switches and goes into detail about this painful cycle when she states “Wonder where your spirit went and that wild abandoned feeling” It’s a sad tale of a broken spirit and a tragic heartbreak.

All in all, it seems as though this album is releasing several inner demons for Williams, from her youth and other various events. It’s expressive and in the end, peaceful. In entirety, the album has a somber, mellow, and spiritual feel with hints of smokiness and grit. I’d highly recommend it.

With Bacon,






The Thin White Duke

HAPPY MONDAY. And what a lovely Monday it is. In current time, the New Year has begun and it is officially in full swing. This will be a great year, but it unfortunately started off with the tragic passing of our dearly beloved, David Bowie. This was truly a hard blow for the music community and left thousands speechless. His ingenious mind, boundless with creativity had touched millions. In lieu of recent events, this Music Monday goes out to David Bowie, and one of my favorite albums, Diamond Dogs.

Diamond dogs was one of my first records and I’ll never forget the creative departments it unlocked in my mind. I picked up this record at a used record store in town, and immediately became consumed by the album art. Bowie is pictured in a post apocalypltic world with pudgy demon looking creatures with red hair. Oh and I forget to mention he’s half man half dog. Its’ hot, it’s creepy, and it’s apocalyptic. Everything goes.

Bowie was renowned for breaking societal norms and surpassing what was generally publicly acceptable. Well, Diamond Dogs encompasses these characteristics on multiple different levels. I’m talking Asgard and all the nine realms. Yeah, big deal I know.

The album first opens up with this creepy, ghoulish rendition of a post apocalyptic world. Incredibly eerie. THEN DIAMOND DOGS. Bowie has created these desperate, helpless, wild, ruleless youthful characters that live in this world alongside creatures with mannequins of kill appeal. The Diamond Dogs. The song Diamond Dogs sets the stage for the entire album. I imagine the reckless youth smeared with sweat and grit, running rampant in the ruins of the fallen city. Utilizing their physical youth yet crushing their youthful minds in desperation to survive the hellish apocalyptic world. Some other highlights/favorites on the album are Sweet Thing. “ Hope is a cheap thing.” Bowie essentially expresses how in this world, hope is the life line.

And then finally, Rebel Rebel.

Rebel Rebel expresses the unfiltered, out of control, careless youth that is lost yet oozing at the scenes with rebellion. They are emotionally defensive and offensively rebellious in style and appearance. This song captures the story and struggle of the lost youth. HOT TRAMP, I LOVE YOU SO. Song of my summer.

This album is a classic and one of my dearest favorites. His passing has been incredibly hard, for he expressed an innate ability only few people posses. He will forever be remembered. You tacky thing, You put them on! Until next week.

With Bacon,



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