All right so I did it.  This year I FINALLY committed and I purchased A 2017 Coachella Weekend 1 pass. And honestly…. Call me cliché but it might have been one of the best weekends of my life. FINE I said it. Damn it, you win this time Coachella.

So with that being said, I’ve got 3 BANGIN’ performances I’m dying to report on. It’s not easy narrowing it down, but with that insane line up, I had to simplify. So here are the nominees for best Coachella performances:



Glass Animals

Now you might be asking yourself, wow what an interesting combination…  We’re talking Glass Animals and Future? That’s like thinking about putting pickles in your nuetella sandwich. What the F*&$, GROSS.  But really, both artists SERIOUSLY hit it out of the ballpark with their performances, as did Goldlink.

So, Let’s talk Future, and I mean in current time. Hehe…

Alright, maybe I judged Future too hard.  In fact that maybe is actually a definitely. I definitely judged Future too hard before Coachella. Maybe it was the dreadlocks… I mean honestly, it could have been the dreadlocks.  Regardless, the man can seriously perform, and he’s got some killer style and finesse. He put himself out there as a creative and talented artist.

He had a great set list of all his hits and he also catered to his super fans by performing some of their favorites, too. Also, not to mention the man had a dam flute player with him. Pretty awesome. He brought out two performers, Migos and oh… wait for it… DRAKE. He definitely took over the stage for a minute… Have to say, he truly does have an insane presence… but that did not deter us from our homie, Future.

You would think having a big boi like Drake perform could potentially throw off your game. But I mean, after Drake left the stage…..Future hit us with Mask Off so I mean he brought the show BACK. Easily. So we all gladly boarded the Future train and rode that mofo all the way to the end of the line. All in all, Futures performance was killer.

And then GoldLink

This performance was dope and was actually probably the most unexpected. I LOVE GoldLink’s new album, but have to say I was not expecting the straight up litness that happened in the pit i.e. insane mosh pit. When he played ‘Koko Mo Freestyle’ everyone went HAM. He further more killed it on ‘Meditation’ and ‘Have you Seen That Girl.’ All in all, GoldLink had a rad set.

Finally, last but not least… GLASS ANIMALS

All right this is where I truly went to heaven. I have been straight DYING to see these guys for years now and it finally happened. Praise. I finally ate the golden apple and it was DELICIOUS.

To no surprise these guys seriously jammed out on stage. And I mean extra extra strawberry jam with your peanut butter sandwich. That’s right. Glass Animals had it goin’ on. They have this naturally funky electric rock sound that can’t help but be super stellar and groovy and honestly a bit creepy. But that same creepiness gives them that unique edge. I had been waiting for them to play ‘Toes’ and it did not disappoint. It was a bomb performance.

All in all Coachella was pretty tight. It is like Disneyland only music style. The fairgrounds were jam-packed with culture, style, food, and interesting people. The ticket price is insanely expensive, but it’s worth it to check out different artist you wouldn’t normally see and experience all the interesting art and culture. I mean I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to be looking forward towards next years line up. And yes….. Beyoncé.

So if you haven’t gone, check it out. I guarantee it’ll be a trip.

With Bacon,



The Internet LIVE

Alright, so I saw The Internet last Monday and damn normally Monday’s are rough but… I was willing to get my butt out for this show. ANDDD It was one for the books.

To no surprise, The Internet was soulful and sultry as ever. The show was absolutely packed with raw talent and the band members did not shy away from shelling out all their old and new material.  On top of The Internet performing, band member Steve Lacy performed his new EP, as did Matt Martians who performed his new LP.  And drum roll please…..then OF COURSE you had Syd breaking it down for us at the end, serving up Fin (no pun intended). A lot of artists show up, perform their set, and then dip.  Well, The Internet had a Jam sesh on stage and we all got to be a part of it. And ain’t NOBODY mad about that. It was rad.

The band started off with Special Affair from their album Ego Death, which was a hit. The crowd went absolutely wild. Slow and sultry, Syd performed in her classic, laid back and smooth fashion. The venue shook with the heavy bass that bassist Patrick Paige so effortlessly performs. It was perfect.

After playing some hits off of Ego Death, they transitioned into Steve Lacy’s New EP “Steve Lacy’s Demo” which was electric.  The mans got style, ain’t no doubt about that.  His funky guitar sound was a nice break from the deeper, slightly darker style of Ego Death. Regardless, it was beautiful. Then shortly after we got to hear Matt Martians new LP which was also rad.

SO then….. Syd performed Fin to wrap it all up.  Nuts, absolute nuts.  Hey maybe I am biased, but her album is unreal. I mean I think we were all waiting for her to come out with some hot fresh solo material and she really didn’t let us down. Well she didn’t disappoint performing this either.

Smooth and effortless, Syd connected with the crowed as if she had known us since day one.  Also, the Fonda made this energy easier to portray, as it is more of an intimate setting.  Regardless, she was cool and relaxed. Calm and collected.  She had it goin.

Now all was fairly laid back while she was performing…. up until she hit us all with No Complaints.  We lost it.

“Ridding round your city in a mother fucking space ship.”

“I will tell you that I am the greatest but you knew that.”  Damn.

All in all, the show was phenomenal and they absolutely KILLED it live.  If you haven’t seen them perform, do yourself a favor and DO IT. and do it NOW.  Because they are touring now so get it while its hot!

With bacon,


Excuse Me SiR

Alright ladies and gentleman, HAPPY MUSIC MONDAY. Now I know I have been posting about a lot of R & B artists…. But like I just HAD to do one more…

Today’s guest is a Hip hop/R&B artist from Inglewood, California.  GIVE IT UP FOR SiR.  SiR is a multi talented singer/song writer, producer, and engineer who just released an EP entitled Her Too.

The beautiful EP Her Too has a total of 6 smooth and absolutely sultry tracks that each individually act as a sliver to a bigger love story. The tracks essentially reflect the relationship between artist SiR and his wife of 7 years. Vague and slightly ambiguous at times, the EP contains beautiful poetic lyrics as well as sultry and oh so smooth melodies. A prime example of this is the track “The Canvas”.

“The Canvas” is a sweet and poetic love song where SiR uses an actual canvas to symbolize the beauty of his woman and their relationship i.e. “You’re such a work of art.” and “I’m just here to add a little color to the canvas.” It might be cheesy, but 100% genuine my friends. In the end, it’s a beautiful track, expressing his true affections. The melody is elegant and soft as well as slow and fluid.. It’s a blended work of art.

As gentle as “The Canvas” is, you’ve also got “Don’t Call My Phone” which is a little bit spicier… I wouldn’t say Cholula hot (shout out to all my fellow fans) BUT  I would say this song clearly packs a punch i.e.”If I offend you bro, I promise that I really meant to ” Dwammm. Well regardless, this track shows another aspect of SiR’s relationship, because lets be real…. there are gunna be some lows.  BUT dang he made this low sound super FUNKY. This track contains little hints of the trumpet here and there keeping the track light and airy….and well sassy.

And if we are gunna vier back onto the intimacy road, the track “Ooh Nah Nah” expresses the development of SiR’s feelings for his significant other. It’s tranquil and well…. quite sexy. SiR also keeps the beat fairly simple EXCEPT when Masego (featured artist) comes in and does an improve scat singing with the trumpet. This adds a slight flare to the track, which remains fairly consistent throughout the 4:00 min duration.

An honorable mention on the EP has to be New LA, which is an incredible track that opens up the EP.  It’s light, airy and well…. Anderson .Paak is featured so its incredible.  I can’t say it is one of my favorite tracks on the album, but it is definitely unique.  The track almost has this Caribbean sound which definitely set’s it apart from the rest of the EP. Worth the listen.

Well that’s all for this Music Monday folks.  If you haven’t checked out this EP, I would highly recommend.  Its smooth, sweet, and sultry… perfect for a relaxing evening.

With bacon,



Take a Chance

Take a Chance

All right, here it is folks…serving you Music Monday SUNNY side up and well, we’ve got it while it’s HOTT. GRAMMYS hot.

Now I don’t know who watched the 59th Grammys but if you didn’t, it was said to be one of the best Grammys ever forever of all time. Look, I know EVER forever of all time is kind of a big phrase but I mean it was seriously a big deal. So anyway, this Music Monday is dedicated to our boy who stole the show, the man who won Best Rap Album and Best New Artist of 2016.  Now officially crowned our freshest bboi of 2016, give it up for our boy Chance the Rapper!  

Now it’s debatable whether Chance is technically a NEW artist (according to Grammys voting guidelines, music released between October 1st, 2015 and September 30th, 2016 are eligible for the 2017 Grammy Awards). But it’s not up for question whether he absolutely deserved this honorable recognition. His album, Coloring Book is undoubtedly a true piece of art. So all right, shall we? Lets get to it:

Boom, ‘All We’ve Got’ opens up the album with the sweet sweet melody of the trumpet. This song is beautiful.  Just including the Chicago Children’s Choir in-itself creates an absolutely breathtaking background to Chance’s rap. It lays down the remarkable groundwork to this track, enhancing the volume and sheer power engrained in the beat. Also, Chance’s lyrics bring a sense of connectivity and community to anyone and everyone listening.  It’s undoubtedly relatable and unifying. ‘Music is all we’ve got’ is semi cliché but……the song gets to you.

Then you have ‘Summer Friends’ which is another mesmerizing track that truly captures summer.  Even though it’s CLEARLY in the title, this song does encompass that essence of summer. There is something about the beat that communicates a sense of cool, mellow, relaxed, and chill summer energy. In the end, this track is as light as a feather while also being as smooth and sweet as a Jonson & Jonson’s baby’s bottom. DAMN Beautiful.

Another favorite of mine is ‘Same Drugs.’ Honestly, it’s so simple but pretty g*d damn straightforward.  Simple fact, as per his lyrics… our boy just really DOES NOT do the same drugs as his home girl. No más. BUT regarding the track itself, there is something in chance’s voice in this song that is poetic.  The piano is simple and the lyrics are sung almost as a poem. And well, clearly it’s incredibly fun to sing a long too.

Though these are only three out of the fourteen tracks on Coloring Book, the remaining twelve are just as solid. Now how’s that for a musical equation? 

Lets be real, Chance has so many bangers on this album, its unreal. He truly killed this album and his effort and work were compensated last night when he won that Grammy award. Alright, I won’t lie…. It killed me a little bit… But look, being such a huge .Paak fan, it did kill, I’ll admit.  But good music is good music and well, there really isn’t any arguing about that.  SOOOO If its been a minute since you’ve listened to Coloring Book, do yourself a favor and feed your ears because they are hungry for this album.

With Bacon,


Syd’s Got It

Alright ladies and gentleman today is a VERY special day because we’ve got SYD’S NEW ALBUM ON DECK. And man, right now there isn’t anything better. Syd Aka Sydney Bennett; artist, producer, singer-song writer AND all around musician has just released her solo album entitled Fin, on February 3rd. Syd broke into the music scene as a member of Odd Future, then did some work as a group member of  The Internet. Now Syd’s solo work is SOARING high and hitting the music scene with a slam. Let’s just say that the album is smoothly coming in, steeling yo girl AND yo man, because there really ain’t anything sexier out there right now.

On her first track, “Shake it Off”, your emotions are carried through the smooth and sultry top down classic Cadillac ride of Syd’s voice….then crank, crank, crank BOOM the track drops you back down. It’s like the winding of a clock. The gears are slowly but surely cranking until they drop into the groves. It’s a ride.

In the next track, Syd incorporates a little 90’s R&B/Hip Hop ( Shout out to Aalyah ) in “Know.” Syd soulfully breaths out every verse making it impossible not to node your head, no matter if you’re a hip hop fan or not. You’ve also got a lot going on with the beat, from the slightly poppy sound mixed with the drawn out synth enhanced sections.

And then you’ve got the banger,  “No Complaints” coming in at a POWERFUL 1:13 seconds. Lets be real, it’s short but it’s all you really need for this track. Syd is putting it all out on the table and sparing no shortage of her energy and passion here. It’s raw, its harsh, and it lingers. No surprise she produced and wrote the entire track. You can clearly hear her.

What is interesting about this album compared to her work with The Internet is that it’s arguably more lighter than the groups album, Ego Death. Fin is more of a spiritual break through for Syd and a compilation of work that allows her to fully step into herself. It’s heavy at times, but its real and raw…. Well, in the classic style that we all crave from Syd. We can’t deny that she keeps it real always.

In the end, these are just a few hitters on the album, when really the entire album could be 2 hours longer and it just wouldn’t be long enough. She really put out something special with this album.

Sooooooo….. CHECK THIS OUT if you haven’t. You can’t sleep on this one. It’s just way too good.

With Bacon,


Double X

Happy Music Monday to everyone!! Well today, I don’t mean to get X rated on yall BUT the XX has some pretty incredible new music. Their newest album, “I See You” was released January 12th, 2017 Anddd its pretty awesome.


First, the album opens up with the track Dangerous and the introduction of a high-pitched trumpet. It’s a bit regal…. then BAM in comes the deep and slightly dirty sounding base. The combination of the classic instrument mixed with the deep base creates a creatively complex rhythm. Alright….it’s borderline house sounding but the trumpet breaks it up. I imagine myself mysteriously driving at 12 p.m. into the darkness of the night towards the…. Grocery store to pick myself up a pint of ice cream. But anyway, It’s a great track.


Another highlight on the album is the track Performance, where group member Romy Madley show-cases her ghostly vocals. Performance similar to Dangerous incorporates classic instruments like the violin, creating that contrasting blend of both old and new music rhythm. It’s simple yet gripping.



Ok if im gunna be real about it, many of the tracks on the album have the classic XX sound with the slightly drousy and euphoric feel that kind of make you feel like your at a dirty hipster house party. Also like you’re in a music video running in slow motion through these grass fields and then WAM, you wake up to the smell of old gym socks. Too much? Anyway, I’d still recommend everyone listen.


All in all, the album is fairly slow but it is perfect for relaxing and kicking back…with a pint of ice cream. Well alright maybe not the pint of ice cream, but definitely cruising with the car windows down. Check it out, it’s worth the listen.


With Bacon,


Bleached Baby

CAAAAANNN YOUUU SMELLLLL IT?????? That’s right folks, I’m talking full benefits concert for the clayyysic music venue, The Smell which is a gahhnarley punk rock venue located in beautiful down town Los Angeles that is sadly but surely shutting down for god knows why. Well long story short, they held a BOMB benefits concert in hopes to raise money to save the venue.

The show was held at the Belasco Theater down town, which is a b-e-a-UTIFUL venue. They had bangin performers such as Bleached (which if ya don’t know….they are a kick ass punk rock girl band), Health, Best Coast, and Ty Sygall. *WHAT?! Did you say Ty Segal?!?! * Yeah I know….. LEGEND.

Well the show was incredible but, I have to say the best performance was probably Bleached. Maybe I am bias because I have a special place in my heart for girl punk rock bands that smash and slay but I mean really…. They just kicked some serious bootayy at the show.

So a little summary on these chicas; the band is essentially a reformation of the once was band named “Mika Miko”, which dispatched in 2009. Well, sad that ship sunk but than again can’t complain because Bleached is awesome. You’ve got two sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin and they recently put out “Welcome the Worms” through Bleached. Welcome the Worms is a compilation of punk love songs that make you bang your head and cry at the same time. Contrast, I know.

A highlight from the show was when they performed Keep on Keepin On. BOMB. The crowed went absolutely NUTS. They really put on a great show and raised a hell of a lot of money for The Smell. Sooooooooo all in all, if you haven’t check out Bleached AND you have just been sitting on your booty watching T.V. GET UP AND GET OUT and go listen to some dang live music. Feed your ears.

With Bacon,